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Fat and Super Fantastic | Manolo's Shoe Blog

Fat and Super Fantastic

Manolo says, a couple of the weeks ago, the Manolo he made the gentle fun of the Kirstie Alley, not for the fatness of her body, but for the crime of being unkempt, and un-super fantastic.

At the time, the Manolo he noted that it was possible for the woman to be both fat and super fantastic, but that the Kirstie, who has the natural beauty, she has not achieved this.

Of the course, these comments by the Manolo they generated many emails asking the Manolo to explain how the girls they can be both fat and super fantastic at one and the same time.

Manolo says, it is possible for the girl to be both fat and super fantastic, but it is not easy, nor is it inexpensive.

In the fact, it is hard work for the fat girl to be super fantastic, and if you are the fat girl (or for that matter the fat man) the Manolo he would tell you to try to lose the weight.

Of the course, if you are fat you know this, it is not the news to you. And the Manolo he will not lie to you, the losing of the weight, it is the work of the hardest sort. Trust the Manolo, this he knows very well. It is the sad fact that the Manolo he was not blessed with the elegant shape of the body, and so he, like many of the peoples, must fight the war against the fatness. The war he himself loses as much as he wins.

As you know the Manolo he favors the honest answers, which is why the Manolo he will tell you that there are no secrets for the losing of the weight. You eat less and exercise more, and the weight it comes off. Of the course, knowing this does not make the process easy. It is still the painfully difficult, painfully long process, and there are none of the shortcuts.

But, if you are truly committed to the hard work to lose the weight, the Manolo he recommends to you this book. The Manolo himself, he has used it to great advantage…periodically.

Now, after having said that, the Manolo he understands the nature of the humans, he understands that being fat it is the fact of the life. And so, if you find yourself in the condition of fatness, you must deal with it the best you can.

Manolo says, the secret to being fat and super fantastic at the same time is attitude and grooming.

Much of the battle it is simply in knowing that you are indeed super fantastic. The girls who hate themelves, they can never be super fantastic, even if they are naturally beautiful and have much of the money. (viz. Spears, Brittney)

Do you doubt your ability to achieve the super fantasticness?

Manolo says, are you not reading the Blog of the Manolo? If so trust the Manolo, if you are not yet super fantastic, you will be soon. It is the attitude that is of the prime importance.

Now, if you are committed to the way of the super fantastic, you will focus with the intensity on the grooming. If you are deficient in the slimness of body, you must be perfectly groomed. You cannot be sloppy or give into the temptation to be unkempt in public.

You must invest much money in the hair, and the nails, and the skin care, and the clothes and the shoes. All of this, it applies also to the slim girl, but doubly so for the fat girl, as she is working from the position of the disadvantage.

The Manolo he cannot emphasize the importance of the good hair. Good hair and good skin they are the foundation of the beauty.

It is the imperative that you find the best stylist and the best colorist you can. Yes, the good stylists and the good colorists they are very expensive. And the $200 haircut, it seems like the extravagance, but the hair, you must wear it everyday.

As for the colorists, the Manolo he commends to you the Louis Licari, and those who work for him. Your hair it must look natural. You must avoid the harsh colors and the bad jobs of the dying or bleaching, or the stripy highlights.

As for the skin, you must pamper yourself. In the general, avoid too much of the caffine and the hot showers and the spicy foods and the booze. Go to the facialists once the month. The Manolo he loves Eastern European women at the Mario Badescu in New York. They know the skin.

Do not be afraid to ask the super fantastic women of your acquaintance for the recommendations to the good stylists and skin specialists.

Finally, for the clothes. Manolo says, if you are the fat girl, under no of the circumstances should you wear the baggy clothes.

Nothing says un-super un-fantastic as fast as the fat girl in the baggy clothes. Your clothes must be stylish, of the best quality, and they must fit. The Manolo he cannot emphasize enough the necessity of the proper fit. At the same time, do not wear the clothes that are too tight. Fit, it is everything.

Manolo says, both super fantastic and fat is hard, expensive work.

4 Responses to “Fat and Super Fantastic”

  1. Mollie January 14, 2006 at 2:59 pm #

    I have just found this for the first time and I absolutely adore it, especially the lack of euphemism. I am fat and super-fantastic at least four days a week (I am fat seven days a week, but full-time super-fantastic is a lot of commitment for a full-time student, I confess.)

  2. Stacy January 23, 2006 at 5:16 pm #

    How depressing that your number one piece of advice for being fat and fantastic is to lose weight. Manolo, you are obviously very intelligent, and yet, like the rest of the masses, you cannot seem to think outside the box.

    “Much of the battle it is simply in knowing that you are indeed super fantastic. The girls who hate themelves, they can never be super fantastic…”

    Exactly how are we supposed to do the above when, by giving the advice of losing weight, you are indeed telling the fat and fantastic that there’s still something wrong with them? You’re not really saying that the fat can be fantastic; you’re saying they can be as fantastic as their fat will let them become.

    There’s nothing wrong with being fat. I used to be anorexic; I got down to 87 pounds, and was more miserable than ever. In order for me to be thin, even 130 pounds thin, I have to starve myself. I’m sure there are many women out there like me. Not everyone is designed to be as thin as the media would have us believe we should be.

    I look to you for humor and honesty, and I’m sorry to say this is disappointing. You sound like every other close-minded, well-intentioned diet guru. “I want to help you, and instead of encouraging you to love yourself and respect yourself as you are, I want to help you by changing you.”


  3. Fact chick February 23, 2006 at 2:12 pm #

    Okay…I am way over weight (working on it) and I found this blog entry today, and think it is two things:
    1. funny
    2. correct

    Manolo says the fat need to be well groomed, just as do the slim. And yes there is something wrong with being over weight…I refer to the unhealthy overweight, not those that need to lose a few glam pounds. Its bad for your health.

    This advice is good because fat chicks who take good care of their grooming feel better about themselves over all, and that can help feed their confidence so that they can be more successful to getting to a healthier weight if that is their goal. And if they like being fat, well hey that is their choice. But they can still feel super fantastic.

    The advice here is that if you don’t want to work to get to a healthy weight, you don’t have worry about not being super fantastic. You just have to work harder at it than the slim chicks.

  4. Fact chick February 23, 2006 at 2:14 pm #

    I need to add: when I refer to those that chose not to lose weight, I am NOT referring to those that have legitimate health issues that prevent that.

    So the advice is still good..cannot realistically lose the weight due to health issues? well, hell…you can STILL be super fantastic.