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Fashion Week! | Manolo's Shoe Blog

Fashion Week!

Manolo says, ayyyyy, the New York Fashion Week it is upon us!

This, of the course, is one of the many reasons why the Manolo he has not written many of the posts the past few days. The Fashion Week it is the busy time for the Manolo.

However, the Manolo he will offer the few tidbits for your delection.

If you, like the Manolo, are obsessed with the Project Runway, here is a link from the Miu Miu Von Furstenburg, that shows the pictures from the fashion show of the three finalists, along with the speculation about who the three they might be.

Here for your enjoyment is the picture of the Carolina Herrera and a table full of the super fantastic shoes of the Other Manolo.
Super Fantastic!

Finally, the Manolo he gives you the link to the website for the fashion week.

One Response to “Fashion Week!”

  1. Anonymous January 4, 2010 at 8:55 pm #

    Dear friends:

    Be aware, Carolina Herrera is steeling. The stores are selling bad quality
    clothes and they are not been responsible for it.

    I bought two days ago a cashmere sweater at the Merrick Park mall at
    Miami, it cost me near $200 usd and the first day I used it came apart, it
    gave the appearance of years old.
    I took it to the store to claim it and for my surprise I just not only
    received an answer by the manager that when one of their items goes out from
    the store they are not responsible any more and not just that, they treated
    me as if I was trying to steel them.

    Please send it to all the people that you know specially the media contacts,
    we need to reach 100,000 contacts.
    Is the only way that we will stop this brand from steeling to their clients.