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Shopping Like the Starlet in the Los Angeles | Manolo's Shoe Blog

Shopping Like the Starlet in the Los Angeles

Manolo says, here is the sound advice about shopping for the clothes if you are in the Los Angeles. The Manolo, he knows the LA and the Santa Monica and the Malibu well, and he can attest that many of these shops, they are indeed super fantastic.

For those who know the fashion in the LA, one of the most important street it is not the Rodeo Drive, but the La Brea, which is where you will find many of the good shops, especially the Diavolina for the shoes, one of the Manolo’s favorites.

Another of the good streets for the shopping (and the looking at the stars of the Hollywood) is the Montana in the Santa Monica.

By the way, among the many people whom the Manolo counts as the internet friends are the peoples who run this new business of genius, one which would be useful if you are in the Los Angeles for the shopping.

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