Interview With A Manolo

Manolo says, Look! The Manolo he has done the interview for the blog of an internet friend! Here is the taste:

You don’t sit on a perch, you are obviously involved in the industry; and yet your blogs are completely updated. How is it that you are so prolific?

The Manolo he would tell you that you should not overestimate the amount of the times the peoples in the “rag trade” they devote to the actual work. The typical day it starts at the noon with the cappuccino and the Campari, followed by the assiduous, lengthy reading of the Page Six, and then it’s off to the office to bitch on the phone with the Michael Kors about the latest of the outrages committed by the hoi and the polloi. Even with this schedule, as busy at it seems, there is still plenty of the times for the blogging.

Manolo says, go read the whole interview.