From the Archives of the Manolo: The Tiny Feets

Manolo says, recently the Manolo he has received several of the emails like the following from his internet friends:

I am writing on behalf of my roommate. She is possessing of the small feets, so small she still shops in the children’s section! We are adults, but she wears only a 4 in womens, or a 3 in the “Growing Girls” (gasp!) section. The usual incredible Zappos has struggled to provide us with options. Might you know where we could find shoes for the small footed woman?

This question it is one that the Manolo he has answered in the past.

*****From the Archives of the Manolo*****

Manolo says, on the one of the hands, many women the Manolo knows they would sell their grannies to the white slavers have the too small feets.

Yet on the other of the hands, it is indeed the serious problem, not to be able to wear the super fantastic adult lady shoes.

Manolo says in the situation of the too gigantic, or too teeny feets it is the best to have the shoes custom made. Yes, this it is very expensive, too expensive for the most of the peoples, but it is the best.

But if you do not have the moneys, you will have to resort to the Cinderella of the Boston, or the Dainty Feet, the companies that specializes in the teeny size shoes.

The Manolo he must now ask his many internet friends if they have the better solution for the lady with tiny feets.


Manolo says, happily the internet friends of the Manolo they were very helpful to the small-footed womens. Indeed, one of the Manolo’s shoe-blogging friends, she provided the good advice from the personal experience, and the Manolo he even revisited the question the few weeks later.

This, it is one of the things the Manolo he loves about the blogging, the community of the peoples who can together solve the problems, or at least talk the problems into the the ground.