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From the Archives of the Manolo: The Goat Ropers | Manolo's Shoe Blog

From the Archives of the Manolo: The Goat Ropers

Manolo says, if the boots of the cowboys they are too rustic for you, there is another, more uptown option that the Manolo he has recommended in the past.

*****From the Archives of the Manolo*****
Isaac Mizrahi - Safra (Whiskey Suede) - Women's   Manolo Likes!   Click!

Manolo says, the cowboy friends of the Manolo (yes, the Manolo he has the cowboy friends, from the Tejas. Does not everyone?) the cowboy friends they call these boots “The Goat Ropers”, because they are used by the cowboys to rope the goats.

Ahh, says the Manolo, but are the cowboys from the Tejas who are roping the goats wearing the Isacc Mizrahi goat ropers? The Manolo, he thinks not.


Manolo says, these boots, like the boots of the Lucchese below, they are simple and traditional, although the Isaac Mizrahi he has put his own spin on them.

One Response to “From the Archives of the Manolo: The Goat Ropers”

  1. Twisty Faster March 17, 2005 at 6:31 pm #

    Dear Manolo,

    I cannot help thinking that your worthy Texan friends, in their understandable zeal over our native footwear, omitted to put you in full possession of the facts. Permit me a gentle clarification: cowboys do not, technically, rope goats. They rope calves. Your friends allude, I believe, to what we in the Lone Star state call “children,” for goats are what future cowboys practice on when they are toddlers.

    The boots themselves are called merely “ropers.” The term “goat roper” is, alas, an unflattering Texican euphemism describing a cross between a redneck and a yokel.

    Yours in Prada,