The Manolo he is the Famoso!

Manolo says, Ayyyy! The Inquirer of the Philadelphia it has done the whole article on the Manolo! Here take the look at the part of it.

It began inauspiciously with an Internet posting at 2:02 a.m. on Oct. 16:

“Manolo say sound the fanfare! Shoe blogging begins!”

So was launched the journey to stardom of the mysterious Manolo, who riffs in a wacky Eurotrash patois about celebrities and stiletto heels on Manolo’s Shoe Blog, at

His arrival as a buzzworthy blogger may signal the start of the next big blog trend. Just as pundit bloggers emerged during the presidential campaign, and military bloggers on Middle East battlefields, marketing bloggers seem poised for prominence as the economy improves.

Manolo, he is already there.

In mere weeks his voice, with its Ivana Trump cadences and lounge lizard charm, broke through the blogosphere, where an estimated eight million blogs compete for attention.

In the general, the Manolo he found this article most gratifying and most fair, although he must complain that the woman who wrote it, the Beth Gillin, she failed to mention the central, salient fact about the Manolo and his blogs, that Manolo Loves the Shoes! (and, of the course, the fashion.)

In the stead, she focused on the commercial aspirations of the Manolo, and his acknowledged position as the God of the Blog Marketing.

Yes, the Manolo he loves the capitalism, but he also loves the shoes and the fashion. And in America do we not celebrate the people who can follow their bliss while making the buck or two?

The Manolo he does not hide what he does in this place. He tells the joke or two, he bloviates on the fashion, he gently mocks the celebrities, and he recommends the shoes and the clothes that are worth the wearing. He is like the personal shopper who is also an amusing friend.

But enough of this! You must go read the article for yourself.