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The Greek Goddess | Manolo's Shoe Blog

The Greek Goddess

Manolo says, the thumbs-up image of the Donaldus Minimus, it has put the Manolo in the mind of the Classical World, and this, of the course, it means that the Manolo he is thinking of the gilded sandals of the classical inspiration.

Donald J Pliner - Girlie (Gold Antique Metallic)   Manolo Likes!  Click!
Isaac Mizrahi - Toki (Gold Metallic Nappa)    Manolo Likes!   Click!
Bruno Magli - Naola (Gold Nappa)   Manolo Likes!   Click!

Manolo says, these are, from the top, the sandals of the Donald Pliner, Isaac Mizrahi, and the Bruno Magli. And in any of them you would look like the Aphrodite emerging from the sea, or perhaps the Artemis on the hunt.

3 Responses to “The Greek Goddess”

  1. karla March 30, 2005 at 4:03 pm #

    Oh please don’t tease me with the beautiful sandals for the bare feets when I still have 2 months until I can wear them! Sigh.

  2. wacky seester March 30, 2005 at 4:13 pm #


    please comment on the economy of the shoes. on the one hand, the free markets are a good thing in that, for example, the beauty of his shoes allows manolo to charge the what the market would bear. but on the other hand – two hundred dollars for thong sandals? i protest. yes, the people can vote with their pocketbooks… but is not multiple hundreds of dollars for the thong sandals more than slightly ridiculous?

    or perhaps the manolo prefers not to get involved in the economic side of these things.


  3. Trashy and Classy April 10, 2005 at 2:53 am #

    I believe the new gladiator heel or anything that looks as if it came from the movie the Gladiator and it is now on the market as a wearable shoe that you should wear outside the toga party should burn in the fiery pits of hell as an offense against God. They, like Uggs, have made me ponder the question “Where has the sensible people gone?” and “What the hell?”