Hello to the Visitors!

Manolo says, hello to the new visitors of the today!

If this it is your first visit to the humble shoe blog of the Manolo, be certain to look at the many things the Manolo he as assembled for your enjoyment.

First you must know that the Shoe Blog, it is not the only blog of the Manolo. There is also the Manolo for the Men, Manolo for the Brides, and Manolo’s Prada Blog, the blogs in which the Manolo he treats other facets of fashion, style, etiquette, and life.

You must also visit the Manolo’s monument to the bad shoes, The Gallery of the Horrors. Perhaps, you may also wish to sign up for the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Newsletter.

And finally do not forget the Manolo’s Shoppe, where the wit and the wisdom of the Manolo it may be purchased on the t-shirts and the mugs and the postcards.

Many thanks for the visiting!