Dia del Madre

Manolo says, the Manolo he reminds you that your mother, your darling sainted mother, she is waiting by the phone for you to call and express your gratitude for giving you the sacred gift of the life.

Does she not deserve also, at the least, the flowers, and maybe the box of the fancy lad chocolates?

What? Are you not grateful?

Yes, you will show up on the Sunday afternoon to take her to the Steakhouse of the Outback for the pseudo-Australian meat-fest and deep-fried onion, but is this the blooming thing that she would really want?

Is not your affection, expressed with the simple, traditional gift and your most heart-felt love preferable?

The Manolo he reminds you, you are not the Eminem, you love your mother, be nice to her on this the most special day (after your birthday) on the motherly calendar.