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May 17, 2005 3

The Manolo he has made his contribution to this project, it begins…

The search for the super fantastic shoes, it sometimes takes the Manolo into places of unsavoriness. Thus it was, years ago, when the Manolo found himself in the backroom of the half-caste bordello on the outskirts of Mumbai.

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There are 3 comments

  • A5 says:

    you are style, you are class and now the manolo, the shoe blogger, you are the great suspense writer!

  • Evie says:

    Bravo! Unexpected literary fun.

  • jenn says:

    the manolo, he and the jenn, they should pair up and make the super fantastic movie about the super fantastic shoes because the baz, he is too inflated with self-love to understand the super fantastic-ness of this venture. the jenn she is in the film, she is studying the film, she is hopefully go to make the films. and she adores the manolo.