Manolo says, yes, the imitation, it is the sincerest form of the flattering, but The Rahulio?

P.S. Ayyyy!

The Manolo he steps away for the day and the people they savage the poor Rahulio. Yes, the blog of the Ruhulio it is the bit derivative, but the Manolo he is most flattered with this homage. Indeed he believes that the site of the Ruhulio it is worth the reading, and it is funny when the Rihulio is writing in his own voice. The topic of celebrity jewelry it is the good one.

At the same of the time, the Manolo he is most gratified that the many internet friends of the Manolo they would rush to his defense. This it has warmed the heart of the Manolo.

So, in the conclusion, please be kind to our internet friends. The sphere of the blogs it is big enough for all.