Pee Wee

Manolo says, the nasty wee little man that is the Kim Jong-Il, he wears the platform shoes!

Kim Jong-il has grown in stature, thanks to a pair of platform shoes that increased the Dear Leader’s height by about five inches, a leading South Korean daily reported Wednesday.

The Dong-a Ilbo published a recently obtained photograph of a smiling Kim that shows him wearing a pair of platform shoes with heels about 4-5 inches high.

Kim’s actual height is a tightly guarded secret and Pyongyang seldom releases photographs that show his shoes. Kim is estimated to stand between five and five and one-half feet tall in his stockinged feet.

Aside from devoutly hoping that the poeples of the North Korea they will soon be free to enjoy the super fantastic shoes, all the Manolo he can say to point out the ridiculousness of this petty person is: Tequila!