The Blog of the Hollywould

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has pointed out to the Manolo that, like the Beverly Feldman, the Holly Dunlap of the Hollywould shoes has the blog!

Manolo says, Manolo loves the shoe designers who blog!


The Idol of America

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends have written the Manolo asking if he had watched the super grande finale of the American Idol. No, sadly, the Manolo he did not watch this, as he has the well-known intolerence for the “singers” who specialize in beating the songs into submission with their off-key yelping and grotesque emoting.

Normally, the not watching of the American Idol, it would not be considered the loss, however, the many friends of the Manolo report that the great one himself, the David Hasselhoff, International Star of the Year, strode through the audience like the modern Zeus.

If only the Manolo he had known!

All the Manolo can say is that the Hasselhoff he is is comfortable in his celebrity.

The Blog of the Beverly Feldman

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has pointed out to the Manolo that the shoe designer the Beverly Feldman she has her own blog!

Yes, as the regular readers of the Manolo know, in the general the Manolo he has the complex relationship with the shoes of the Beverly Feldman.

On the one of the hands, many of the shoes of the Beverly Feldman they are too over the top for the tastes the Manolo. Yet, on the other of the hands, recently the Manolo has been especially pleased with some of the new sandals. Indeed they have been most super fantastic.

So, the Manolo cannot but recommed to you the blog of the Beverly Feldman, for as the perceptive friend of the Manolo has said, being both the shoe designer and the blogger is most certainly super fantastic indeed.


Come Back to Me, Baby

Manolo says, the Sly, he wants to romance you into loving him again.