The Shoes of the Iron Lady

Manolo says, the custom-made Rayne shoes of the Margaret Thatcher, they are being put on the sale.

The online auction house eBay put on sale three pairs of shoes that were reportedly custom-made for Margaret Thatcher when she was prime minister.

The minimum bid for the Rayne shoes — colored silver, gold and black suede — is 2,930 pounds but owner Eleanor Graham, 65, said she expects to fetch some 10,000 pounds (18,150 dollars, 14,843 euros) on the auction website.

Graham said she bought the shoes as an investment when she saw a member of Thatcher’s staff donate some of the prime minister’s possessions to a Sue Ryder charity shop in the 1980s.

“I was just lucky – I was there at the right place at the right time when the shoes were brought in by her secretary,” Graham said.

Graham said she convinced the store’s cashier not to remove the label “Made Especially for Mrs Margaret Thatcher” from one pair by agreeing to re-sell the shoes only after the cashier had died so that she would not get sacked.

The size five shoes did not fit her, she said, so she only wore them a couple of times while she washed the dishes.

They shoes of the Baroness Iron Lady, they are indeed most attractive.