Excellent Advice!

Manolo says, if you, like the Manolo, are someone who loves the eBay you should read this from the Manolo’s internet friend the Cranky Biscuit.

Think that Louis Vuitton purse from that powerseller is authentic because they have a high feedback rating? Think again. Just because a seller has 500 feedback, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are trustworthy. Some unscrupulous sellers will sell hundreds of $.05 recipes (usually as private auctions) to get a high feedback rating, and then use that rating to sell fake designer handbags. They can also use this tactic to bury negative feedback from the buyers they fleeced, since they know that many potential buyers will look through the first few pages of feedback, but will probably not bother to wade through everything to find the negative ratings.

There is more! Go read it all.