To the Left, Number One

Manolo says, only eleven years old and already one of the most annoying persons on the planet.

The Saxon

Anne Klein New York - Saxon (Black)   Manolo Likes!   Click!Anne Klein New York - Saxon (Bronze) - Women's

Manolo says, this beautiful shoe from the Anne Klein it is called the Saxon. Do not ask the Manolo why this it would be the name, as he does not know.

However, he does know that this it would look most gorgeous on your feets.


The Zizzer-zazzer-zuzz

Manolo says, very Seussian, and yet menacing.

What the Manolo is…

Manolo says, it is the Tuesday, time for What the Manolo is…


Listening to…

Not Watching…

Many of the Manolo’s internet friends they have written the Manolo asking what he thinks of The Cut, the new Project Runway/Apprentice, rip-off reality show starring the Top Hat Tommy Hilfiger, in the role of the tiny Trump.

Let us just say, that the Manolo he will not be watching this ridiculous show, as only the most easily bamboozled of the peoples could be lead to believe that the Top Hat Tommy is the fashion designer worthy of the emulation. Let the uneducated, Hilfiger-wearing masses enjoy this travesty, while we who are among the enlightened turn our attentions to the more worthy entertainments.


Attack of the Forehead

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyy! the Nicole Kidman, she is getting the Van Eyck chrome dome.


The Mohawk

Steve Madden - Mohawk (Black Suede) - Women's

Manolo says, as hard as it may be to be believed, sometimes the Manolo he misses the development of the fashion trend. Such it was the case with the Steve Madden Mohawk in the black suede, which the cool New York City school girls they are wearing this summer with their little skirts and t-shirts.

Sad to say, this it had escaped the notice of the Manolo until one of his many friends had pointed it out to him. The Manolo, he was indeed most chagrined to be out “shoed” in such the manner.

However, the dignity it was somewhat recovered when the Manolo told his friend that the rhinestone buckles on the vamp, they are what makes this shoe of the moment.

The Wedding in the Provence

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

I am attending an evening wedding Labor Day weekend in Provence, France. I have no idea what to wear! Please help, I am desperate!

Manolo says, this it is easy. There is the uniform for the summer wedding in the Provence: the pretty summery dress, the high-heeled sandals without the stockings, and the big fancy hat, always the hat.

Like the English, the French they insist on the hat for the occasions of the formality. However, unlike the English, they also insist on the stylishness of dress at these occasions.

P.S. Ayyyyy! One of the Manolo’s many internet friends has noted that this it is the EVENING wedding in the Provence. (Once again, the reading skills of the Manolo they have failed him. Perhaps it is time for the professional examaning of the eyes.)

Here is the comment of the friend of the Manolo:

The key word here is “evening” wedding. One does not wear hats in the evening. One wears evening clothes, perhaps a cocktail dress or, if the affair is truly formal, a floor-length gown. No hat. Maybe jewelled hair thingys or something.

This it is exactly correct. The EVENING wedding in the Provance it is like the fancy cocktail party, not the fancy garden party. Please disregard the Manolo’s previous, mis-informed advice and dress accordingly.