Shoes of Danger

Naomi's Shoes of Danger

Manolo says, continuing the topic of the dangerous shoes, here is the picture of the famous shoes of the Vivienne Westwood that the Naomi Campbell toppled from in the 1993.

As the piece of the trivia, those shoes, they were laced onto the feet of the Naomi Campbell by the Holly Dunlap, of the Hollywould. (See the entry for the July 11, 2004)


Attack of the Celebrity Podiatrists

Manolo says, here from the Corinna Zappia writing in the Village Voice, is yet another of the meddlesome celebrity podiatrists

We’d like to grimace every time we see our fellow New Yorkers taking the city’s sewer soup in thongs, if only we weren’t wearing the same flimsy shoes ourselves. They’re easy, and with the trend to bejewel every leather flip-flop in existence this summer, only the weakling rubber kind are available in all-purpose black.

However, this is far from a brilliant choice, according to Dr. Louis Galli, a podiatrist at Mt. Sinai Hospital. “If you have a break in the skin, because you’re walking and the dirt gets into your flip-flop, it can actually work its way into the skin and you can develop a virus or fungal infection,” he said. Galli, a board-certified foot-and-ankle surgeon, said he sees an increase in ankle sprains and fractures during the summer months because people are more likely to trip while wearing shoes, like flip-flops, that have no lateral support. Also, he said most women “need a little of a heel, because it brings the ground up to them. The flip-flop, the fact that it’s flat, actually causes your foot to slap down and puts more pressure on the ball of your foot.”

“Ayyyyyy! The flip-flops they are too low!” … “Ayyyyy! The wedges they are too high!” … “Ayyyy! The sky it is falling on your feet!!”

Again, the Manolo he can only say Pah! to the celebrity podiatrists.

P.S. Manolo says, many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend the Wayne for the link

YSL D’Orsay Beauty

Yves Saint Laurent black nylon D'Orsay pumps

Manolo says, these shoes they are sublime.

Yes, they are on the sale at the Bluefly, however, sadly, they are only available in the European size 39.