From the Archives of the Manolo: The Cheap and the Ugly

Manolos says, the Manolo he is often asked the question, “Manolo, what sort of the shoe should I absolutely not wear?”

This question, it is so easy to answer. Under no of the circumstances should you ever wear the ugly shoes or the cheap shoes.

The Manolo, he knows that the temptation for the cheap shoes, it is great. What with the rent and the foods and the many different bills, you are finding it difficult to get by on what “the man” he pays you.

So, you are the shopping when you see these boots, selling for under fifty of the dollars.

Gabriella Rocha - Hedy (Black) - Women's   Manolo Does Not Like!   Do Not Click!

Yes it is the knee-length boot, in the black. It’s not the best looking boot, but you only have fifty of the dollars, and like all of the super fantastic girls you need the boots in the black knee-length, so you ask the shopgirl to get it for you in the your size.

Manolo shouts, NOOOooooo!

Do not, under any of the circumstances, give in to the temptation and buy this boot!

It is the cheap, cheap, cheap, manufactured in the China with the plastic and the leather made from the roadkilled pets! It will not fit properly, it will fall apart quickly, and it looks only okay, not the super fantastic.

Manolo says, you will always regret the purchasing of the cheap shoes.

Manolo he reminds you that the cheap it is different from the inexpensive, from the bargain. Who does not love the bargain? The bargain, it is the classic, super fantastic shoe at the good price.

The cheap it is the the awful shoe at any price.

Manolo says, the second sort of shoe you should never consider the wearing of, is the ugly shoe.

Birkenstock Boston Microfiber   Manolo Hates!  Do Not Click!

The Manolo he does not need to say any more.