Nicole Miller on the Sale

Nicole Miller - Yeva (Yellow Calf)  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, although the summer it is still emphatically here, it is nonetheless the end of the season for the shoes of the summer, and so many of the Manolo’s favorite shoes they are on the sale.

Such is the case with this beautiful mariposa shoe from the Nicole Miller. It is 40% off of the usual price, saving the super fantastic smart girl, $80 of the American dollars.

In the fact, many of the summery shoes of the Nicole Miller are on the sale!


Yet More Shoes of Danger

Manolo says, the many internet friends of the Manolo they continue to send the Manolo stories about the dangers of the flip-flops. Here is one from the Yellowstone.

Yellowstone National Park officials rescued a 27-year-old tourist Wednesday who tumbled off a cliff while snapping pictures of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

In a press release, park officials say Retan Seth, of India, was “overwhelmed with the sight of the canyon” and subsequently ran to the edge of a promenade area at Artist Point, off the established trail.

Seth started taking pictures and wasn’t cognizant of his footing. He was wearing flip-flop sandals and at about 4 p.m. slipped on the unstable, volcanic rock.

Park officials estimated that Seth fell 40 feet into a drainage near the promenade.

And then, of the course, there is the sad tale of the near-Idol Bo Bice

The “American Idol” finalist broke his foot Sunday night performing in Manchester, New Hampshire — and says his misfortune is due to a change in footwear.

“There’s a part where I go running across the stage and do these jump-ups and flip around in circles and normally I wear cowboy boots, but about three or four shows ago, they started sliding on me,” Bice told MTV News.

“I was worried I was gonna trip and fall and hurt myself, so I changed to tennis shoes and they got a lot better grip, too good of a grip.”

He landed wrong and felt a snap: “I tried to stand back up and just collapsed. I thought, ‘Something’s not good here.’

Truly, one must be careful when one flips around in the circles in the new shoes.