Helping Those Who Need the Help

Manolo says, it does not need the Manolo to point out that now it is the time to help those who need the help. Decency and human fellow-feeling demand that we do what we can to allieviate the sufferings of the peoples who lost much and are in the danger.

What is there to do?

The Manolo he cannot load the Manolo Mobile with the bottles of the waters, the foods, and the new shoes and drive to the New Orleans and distribute these things in person to the peoples there. It is too far, and the Manolo he becomes nauseous on the long car rides. Besides the Manolo he is the soft man, fattened up by the life of decadance and the luxury restaurant dining. He is not the sort of man who is needed in the New Orleans at this moment.

And so we who are soft and are living in our comfortable, non-hurricane-damaged homes far from the New Orleans and the coast of the Gulf, we must open our wallets and give, give until the needs they are met.

There are many organizations that are doing the good work in this heroic effort, but for the Manolo the choice it is the American Red Cross.

Please consider giving generously.