The Fashion Blogs

Manolo says, Ayyyyyy, the Times of the New York they have done the article on the fashion blogs! And there is the picture of the Manolo’s internet friend the Barneys Girl, and she is indeed most beautiful and super fantastic.

With names like Fashionologie, Kiss Me, Stace, Shoewawa and Now Smell This, the more popular fashion blogs are compelling enough that “to ignore them is to run the risk of seeming out of touch,” said Brandon Holley, the new editor in chief of Jane, the young women’s style magazine. Readers identify with bloggers’ idiosyncratic, rebellious voices, said Ms. Holley, who has added two online diarists to her stable of contributors. The blogs, which are updated weekly, daily and sometimes hourly, are a platform uniquely well suited to fashion news, she added.

“Fashion moves so fast, ” Ms. Holley said, “that readers find the blogs keep up better than even the tabloids like Us Weekly.”

Writing with a candor not often glimpsed in the pages of that celebrity weekly, or in W, InStyle or Harpers Bazaar, bloggers form an opinionated, informed and spirited community. They may be a long way from displacing Vogue as a fashion authority, but they are steadily gaining clout with consumers and marketers.

“In coming months we can expect that fashion blogs are probably going to have the same kind of influence that we see in widely read blogs about gadgets and high tech toys like BoingBoing,” said Bob Wyman, the chief technology officer and a founder of PubSub, a search engine that offers a weekly rating of a blog’s popularity based in part on the number of links that appear in the content and also the number of postings.

This it is exactly what the Manolo said many months ago in this very blog.

The Manolo he is confident in predicting that the fashion blogging, it is only in its infancy, and that it will grow in the importance over the coming two or three years. Indeed, look for more of the fashion industry insiders to begin their own blogs.

Of the course, this it was not the especially prescient prediction, but the Manolo he takes the pride in it nonetheless, and he notes that indeed the fashion insiders, like the Beverly Feldman, they now have their own blogs.

This article by the Ruth La Ferla, it is quite good, but, sadly, for some reason, the Manolo he was not mentioned. Happily, many of his internet friends they were!

White Shoes After the Day of Labor

Manolo says, here is the latest column from the Manolo, in which he answers one of the most difficult of the questions in the world of the shoes:

Dear Manolo,

White shoes after Labor Day, yes or no?


Manolo says, ah, the eternal question to which the Manolo he gives the eternal answer: yes, yes, the thousand times yes, the white shoes they may be worn after the Day of Labor.

Usually, the Manolo, he is the man of traditions, however, some of the traditions, such as this one, they are the vestiges of ridiculous rules made by the petty peoples.

Instead, the correct rule it is always appropriateness. It is indeed not appropriate to wear the flip flops to meet the Mr. President. However, it is most appropriate to wear the super fantastic white shoes anytime the weather it is clement.

If the shoe looks good, the shoe it must be worn.

These white sandals, the Hilton from the Nicole Miller, would they not look good, even in October?

The Manolo he does not shy away from the controversy!
Nicole Miller Hilton   Hilton   Manolo Likes!  Click!


Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the latest column of the Manolo it is available for the dowload at the site of the Express of the Washington Post. The topic it is the wearing of the white shoes after the Day of Labor. Also, happily, the Manolo he is able to report that the editors, they have alloted to the Manolo sufficient space so that all of his column it will appear.

Later today, the Manolo he will post the column here.


One World, One Dream

Manolo says, one sad set of male models.

P.S. 0nce again the Manolo must note that in China the standards for the male modeling career they do not appear prohibitively high.