The Word Count

Manolo says, the Manolo he must remind you that if are submitting the story to the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest you must adhere to the restriction of the no more than 300 words. It is the rule, not the suggestion.

Yes, the Manolo he recognizes that there is perhaps the irony in the fact that the Manolo he has just rejected one of the hoary old rules about the wearing of the white shoes, but in this case, the rule about the word count it is both practical and necessary.

Already the Manolo he has received nearly 50 entries to his contest and it is only the second day! Also, imagine if you will the uproar from the legalistic peoples if the Manolo he were to give the award to someone who wrote the essay of over 1000 words! Ayyyyyyy! The headaches.

So, in the conclusion, please keep your stories under the 300 word count.

The ShoeBuy

Manolo says, one of the major sponsors of the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest is the (to whom the Manolo he is eternally grateful) they now have their own Official Shoe Blog!