The Awards of the Emmy

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends have been asking the Manolo for his opinion of the show of the awards of the Emmys and the clothing of the famosos who were there.

In the word…meh.

The show and the clothes they were so boring, that only the few minutes could be managed before the Manlo he felt it necessary to flip the channel in the hopes of finding more entertaining fare, perhaps like this.

Yes, there were the few who were willing to entertain us with their awful fashion. Such as this sad girl, who was screaming for the attention.

No, the Manolo he does not know who this person is, nor why she was invited to the Emmys, nor even why she is dressing like the Pompeiian prostitute, but such were the pickings of slimness at the Emmys that this pitiable person would nearly merit our attention.

And so the Manolo he has not the report to give to his many loyal internet friends. But trust the Manolo, you did not miss much.