Manolo Loves the Capitalism!

Manolo says, not to be the crass person concerned with the moneys, but there is the interview with the Manolo at the site of the Problogger, the blogger who writes about the business side of the blogging world.

The Manolo he makes no secret of what he does here. He considers himself to be similar to the personal shopper who is also the amusing companion. He tells the joke or two, he bloviates on the fashion, he gently mocks the celebrities, and he recommends the shoes and the clothes that are worth the wearing to his many internet friends.

Yes, the Manolo he makes the little bit of the moneys off of his humble shoe blogs. But this it is to be celebrated, that we live in the place where the peoples are free to make the money while doing the things they love.

P.S. If you are visiting this place for the first time, be certain to see the front page of the blog of the Manolo, so that you may understand better what it is that the Manolo does here.