Australia Loves the Manolo!

Manolo says, the New York Times they may ignore the Manolo, but the Sydney Morning Herald, they do not!

It should come as no surprise to the fashion media that fashion blogs are on the rise: they’re starting to attract large audiences and ads while regularly lifting material from mainstream sites such as But a recent story in The New York Times on this burgeoning arena of citizen fashion reporters sadly overlooked the guy we think is the most entertaining: Manolo the Shoe Blogger ( Calling himself “the Manolo”, he has coined numerous Manolo-isms (many available on T-shirts, totes and mugs) such as “super fantastic!” (read: chic); “Manolo says, the true fashion it is found on the border between the classic and the trashy”; and “the Manolo says, the mania for the poncho, it is now over”. Despite a disclaimer to the contrary, we’re not entirely convinced that he’s not the shoemeister Manolo Blahnik himself – he curses in Spanish, predicts the next blog generation will come from “fashion insiders” and constantly bitches about Karl Lagerfeld.

This it is most amusing and flattering, but the Manolo of the Shoe Blog, he is most certainly not the maestro Manolo Blahnik. He is just the humble shoeblogger toiling in the vineyards of fashion.

Of the course, this it does not mean that the coincidence of the similar names and the passion for the shoes have not led some to the amusing misunderstandings. For the example, just this month, the quote from the Manolo the Shoeblogger, in the Telegraph of London (the link it requires the registration), was wrongly attributed to the Maestro Manolo.

Depardieu’s appreciation of food and drink stands out in any scrutiny of his lavishly illustrated book. But how many illustrations does anyone actually want of a man whose appearance might be considered an acquired taste?

The shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, on his internet blog, recently described Depardieu as “slovenly and outwardly repulsive. But at the same time, is there not something magnetic?”

As the readers of the Manolo’s Shoe Blog well know, the Manolo the Shoeblogger he is not the Manolo Blahnik.