Miss Meghan Interviewed

Manolo says, the Manolo’s friend, and one of the judges of the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Shoe Contest, the Miss Meghan Cleary, she has been interviewed by the Gothamist!

Where are you on the comfort vs. style continuum? Do we have to sacrifice one for the other?

I have plenty of shoes I love but can only wear in very limited doses. You gotta be comfy and confident in your shoes or the rest of you will feel bad, that is sort of my philosophy. Saying that though, I have a pair of Sergio Rossi’s that I can only wear for like an hour or so at a time–the key is to know your shoes and know when you need to change it up. If I am out wearing this one pair of Sergio’s (they are SUPER hot tri-color python pump 100mm heel!) I know my time in them is limited so I wear them for the most important part of my eve then switch into other shoes I tuck in my bag. You’ve got to have a Stiletto strategy!!

What about guys, should they care as passionately about their shoes?

Guys really just need to make sure their shoes are in good condition, more than the actual type I would say. A man who takes care of his shoes has a high sense of self-esteem!

If you would like to see the Miss Meghan Cleary on the television, tomorrow she will be the guest on the show of the Tony Danza.