The Trump Omen

Manolo says, demon seed on board.

Pucci for the Monday

Emilio Pucci 754875   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, it is Monday and perhaps you are blue in the dumps because it is back to the work, where the “man” he will now make your life unpleasant.

In this case, you must do what the Manolo does when he needs the up cheering, look at the shoes!

Remember, Pucci makes the smiles!


The Sexiest Lunatic Alive

Manolo says, I’m a little teapot…

Argggggh, where’s me pirate ship.

Donna Karan 80% Off!

Donna Karan Alexis Ankle-strap D'Orsay Pump    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, the Manolo he has in the past recommended this beautiful ankle strap d’orsay pump from the Donna Karan, however, it was never 80% off the regular price, the savings of over $550 of the American dollars!


He’s Booked a Room at the Holiday Inn

Manolo says, look, it’s prom night… in Hell!

The Animal Within

Manolo says, Ayyyyy! The animal prints they are everywhere this season!

Dolce & Gabbana Shoes Fall - Winter 2005/06   Manolo Likes!   Click!

First the spectacular one from the Dolce and the Gabbana.

Kenneth Cole  Soft Serve   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Then the semi-practical one with the round toe, from the Kenneth Cole.

Donald Pliner Veras   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Finally, if you are going to wear the animal prints, do not be shy. The super fantastic girl who would wear these boots from the Donald Pliner she is indeed the creature of dangerousness.


The Email of the Manolo

Manolo says, the Manolo he has been having the terrible problems with his system of the emailing, and so if you have sent the Manolo the email in the previous day or two, and you have not received the reply, you may perhaps consider resending the message.

Of the course, the Manolo he receives many dozens of the emails each day, and sadly, to his shame, it is now impossible for him to personally answer all of the questions that arrive in his inbox. Please forgive.



Manolo says, the Manolo he has updated the look of his Manolo for the Men blog!

It even has the new URL address http://manolomen.com!

All of this it is part of the Manolo’s on-going process of renovation and renewal of his blogs. Soon, in the next few days the Manolo he will even unveil the all new Manolo blog. Be certain to stay tuned to this Manolo station for futher news.



Manolo says, ayyyyyy! Look at those feets!

The Charlot

Charlot by Anne Klein     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, this simple, understated, round-toed pump from the Anne Klein it is wonderfully feminine. It would look good with the atumnal tweeds.


The Goose, Part II

Manolo says, apparently the Katie she has reacquainted the Bette Midler with the goose.