The Donna Barstow

The Cartoon of the Donna Barstow

Manolo says, in the essay contest of the Manolo, one of the super fantastic prizes to be awarded to the Grand Super Fantastic Prize Winner is the original, signed piece of the cartoon art (such as the one above) from the very funny cartoonist and shoe lover the Donna Barstow.

Not only does the Donna have the many amusing cartoons about the shoes, but she has also written and illustrated the most super fantastic book What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate! Even the title, it makes the Manolo laugh!

But, of the course, you cannot win the framable prize from the talented Donna Barstow if you do not enter the contest.

Only Five More Days!

Manolo says, only five more days are left in the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest!

You must send in the entry soon so that you will be eligible to win the Grand Super Fantastic Prize, worth over $1000 of the American dollars in shoes and books and other fine things! The Manolo he is with the great anticipation waiting to read your entry.


The Many Faces of Galliano!

You are looking at me, am I not magnificent and seductive?

Now I will look back… Full Seduction!

At last, I am filled with disdain for you and your looking ways. Yet, is my disdain, in its own right, not also seductive?

P.S. Manolo says, nothing cheers the Manolo like the visit from the funky little fashion troll, John Galliano.