The All New Manolo For the Brides!

Manolo says, aaaayyyyyyyy! The Manolo he has redone the Manolo for the Brides!

It is at the new website address (, it has the new look, and, most radically of all, it has the new editor, the Never teh Bride!

Yes, the Manolo he has turned over the main blogging duties at one of his many blogs to another person. But, do not worry, the Manolo he would not let you down. Indeed, the Never teh Bride she is the excellent and most amusing blogger in her own right.

In the fact, to the mind of the Manolo, she is one of the best unknown bloggers the Manolo has seen, someone who deserves the wider audience and more of the readers.

What convinced the Manolo to ask her to join him with the blogging for the brides was her own blog, the eponymous, Never teh Bride. It is hilarious, and yet, it is also filled with the sound advice on fashion, manners, and relationships. This combination, it is exactly what the Manolo wants at the blogs of the Manolo, and so he knows that she is right for the important task of helping the Manolo with the bride blogging.

This addition of the Never teh Bride to the blogs of the Manolo it is the just the first step in the changes to the world of the Manolo that are coming in the next month or the two, changes that will give the Manolo the larger presence on the interweb, and will bring to you more things to read and look at that are amusing and tasty.

However, do not worry, the Manolo he is not going any of the places. He will still be here at his humble shoe blog, distributing to you the jokes and the japery and the shoes! We must not forget the shoes!

So, visit the newly remodelled Manolo for the Brides and see what the Manolo and the Never teh Bride are doing.