The Contest it is Over!

Manolo says, the contest of the Manolo it is now officially over! The Manolo he has received nearly 500 of the entries, and although he has not read many of them yet, he can already see that the quality of the entries it is most high indeed.

Over the next week, the Manolo and his judges, the Miss Meghan Cleary and the Jane Eldershaw, they will reading the entries closely, in the effort to narrow them down to the winners.

At the end of the week, on the Sunday evening, the 16th of the October, the first anniversary of the blog of the Manolo, the Manolo he will publish the names of the winners, along with their stories, and perhaps the handful of the runners up.

So, it is only six more days until we shall know the outcome. And so the Manolo he wishes good luck to all of the Manolo’s internet friends who have submitted the entry!


The Ultimate Virus!

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyy! The tiny Lagerfeld he has invaded the computer!

Perhaps it is time to send in the tiny Steve Jobs to root him out.

Manolo’s Many Thanks!

Manolo says, it is the last day to enter the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest and the Manolo he must now thank the many, many wonderful peoples and companies who have contributed the prizes to make this the super fantastic event it truly is.

First up, the nice people at the Not only are they the marvelous online store for the shoes, but they now even have their own blog devoted to the shoes. You must visit, as the Suma Kashi who blogs the blog she knows the shoes.

Then it is the Zappos. What is there that can be said about the Zappos, but that it is the revolutionary company, one that puts the customers first, and in so doing has become the biggest shoe store on the interweb.

And then there is the This it is always one of the first stops on the Manolo’s daily search for the shoes, and so you can be certain that the Manolo is thankful for their participation.

Next, to be thanked, there is no person like her in the world, no one who combines such joie de vivre with the sense of outrageousness and the love of the shoes like the Beverly Feldman.

No listings of the peoples whom are owed by the Manolo the debt of gratitude would be complete without the inclusion of the Magnolia Shoes. They produce the attractive and stylish designer shoes at the reasonable prices.

The Manolo he has recently thanked the Donna Barstow, but once could not be enough to properly express the gratitude of the Manolo for her amusing cartoon.

The Creative Queen she has lived up to her regal title with the gift of the most super fantastic Bootlegs.

The huge debt of thanks it is owed to the stylish and witty, Shoelover for the provision of the Clear Shoe Boxes, the brilliant idea well executed .

It is not the secret that the Manolo loves the books, books, books including the Joan DeJean’s lively history of French fashion and style in the court of the Louis XIV, The Essence of Style. It is the book that is most certainly worth the reading, and so many thanks are owed to the Joan for her participation, and for the writing of this book.

And then there is the Virginia Postrel, to the mind of the Manolo, the futurist and trend spotter of note, the foremost philosopher of style and fashion, who in her marvelous book The Substance of Style, says more in the first paragraph than most books say in 500 pages.

Of the course, the Manolo he must also thank his long-time internet friend the Kim for the contibution of her book, Pretty City New York

Finally, no thanks would be complete without the Manolo’s most profound gratitude being expressed to the judges of the Manolo’ s contest, the Jane Eldershaw, whose book Heart and Sole should be read by all, and to the Miss Meghan Cleary of the marvelous shoe book, The Perfect Fit.


The Judith Leiber on the Sale!

Judith Leiber's Calandria   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, these super sexy thousand dollar boots from the Judith Leiber, they are 60% off! The savings of over $600 of the American dollars!


The Last Day!

Manolo says , Ayyyyyyyyy! It is the final day of the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest!

Hurry! You must enter now!

All of the entries they must be in by midnight of Eastern Coast of the American Time, tonight!