The Contest it is Over!

Manolo says, the contest of the Manolo it is now officially over! The Manolo he has received nearly 500 of the entries, and although he has not read many of them yet, he can already see that the quality of the entries it is most high indeed.

Over the next week, the Manolo and his judges, the Miss Meghan Cleary and the Jane Eldershaw, they will reading the entries closely, in the effort to narrow them down to the winners.

At the end of the week, on the Sunday evening, the 16th of the October, the first anniversary of the blog of the Manolo, the Manolo he will publish the names of the winners, along with their stories, and perhaps the handful of the runners up.

So, it is only six more days until we shall know the outcome. And so the Manolo he wishes good luck to all of the Manolo’s internet friends who have submitted the entry!