Let it Go Gray, Luciano, Let it Go Gray

November 30, 2005 14

Manolo says, Grecian Formula SPF 50


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  • catrandom says:

    Don’t those look like eyebrow wigs?

  • kim says:

    OMG, if you ever saw those eyebrows up close!!! They are hideous, even worse in real life. Scary. They are so large. And so black. All the world’s a stage, the big guy once said.

  • Annalucia says:

    The Luciano, he looks like the large, inexpertly constructed Kabuki mask.

  • desertwind says:

    Robert Goulet! you bad, bad man.

  • Feralito says:

    Luciano, enough with the brows already! You are scaring small children.

  • Kim says:

    I have ornaments that look like the Pavorotti when you pull the strings. They go under the popcorn strings on the bottom of the mudroom tree. They scare the me.

  • Landon says:

    Somebody mixed up their normal bathing products with nail polish.

  • The Scarlett says:

    Those brows look like they were applied with a stencil.

  • Jan says:

    How about a nice glass of Chianti?

  • JuliaR says:

    I am glad that you recommend some people allow their hair to go grey. Past a certain age, grey hair softens the face and works with the skin. Sometimes, Nature does know best.

  • The Bloody Munchkin thinks that the Luciano hit the age wall, and the age wall, it hit him back… hard….

  • slim999 says:

    This post, she is the post of the imposter.


    The Manolo, he never refers to himself simply as Manolo. No, the Manolo, he is THE Manolo.

  • Anonymous says:

    perhaps he does it because he is usually seen on stage-
    from a distance-
    -wearing makeup
    -fine no there is no excuse- none at all