Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the Manolo’s latest column in the Express of the Washington Post it is available for the download at their website. Sadly, because of the space requirements, the column it had to be cut from its original glory, which the Manolo now presents here for your delection.

Dear Manolo,

I really need colorful, pointy flat shoes. I have an ankle problem and I can’t wear heels at all, not even a kitten heel, and I’m tired of black flats. Please help!


Manolo says, the pain in the ankles and feets, this it is nothing new, as the problems of the feets and the ankles they have plagued the humans since we left the trees and began to walk upright.

Like many things, leaving the jungle it was the trade off. Yes, we modern peoples frequently feel the pain in the extremities of lowerness, but at least we also no longer have the callouses on the knuckles from dragging them on the ground.

Yes, we have lost our long prehensile toes, but we have gained the shoes!

Do not worry, however, the Manolo he has the solution to the problem of the super fantastic girl who wishes the non-black flats of pointyness.

First the Manolo he would recommend to his friend this marvelous flat, the Bateau from the Hollywould in the most attractive camel color. It is on the sale at the Zappos, selling for 42% off of the usual price.

Bateau by Hollywould   Manolo Likes!  Click!

The second, it is this flat from the Pucci, the 754131, in the pattern described as the Pink Lillium Satin.

Pucci Flat 754121     Manolo Likes!  Click!

This Pucci flat it does not have the toe of pointyness, but as the many loyal friends of the Manolo know it has something better: Pucci makes the smiles! These they are the shoes of happiness, shoes that could not but fill the one who wears them with joy at having left the forrest behind and began walking upright on the feets, feets that could then be shod with the Pucci flats!