All Hail the Tim Gunn!

Tim Gunn, Our Hero

Manolo says, after the reading of this article, the Manolo he is officially worshiping at the altar of the Tim Gunn.

Gunn is happy that the show has pulled back the curtain to expose style’s nitty-gritty side. “Everyone thinks fashion is glamorous, you sit at the end of the runway and you accept a bouquet of roses at the end of a show,” he says.

“Fashion designers need to think on their feet, problem solve at the drop of a hat, be able to use whatever resources they have available to them to make whatever it is work. They have to understand who their audience is, what their design philosophy is.”

As always, the oracular voice of calm sanity at the center of the fashion storm.

By the way, this it is exactly the point the Manolo has made on many of the occasions in the past, that the fashion designing it takes talent, training, and much hard work, and that not every Gwen, Serena, Carlos, and J-Lo celebrity designer takes it into account that there is more to the fashion design than merely liking the clothes.