Holiday Boots

Christian Louboutin red sheer black lace 'Alta Dentelle' boots

Manolo says, here are the super fantastic boots from the Chirstian Louboutin. Think of the entrance you would make as you stepped from your sleigh directly into the office party!

Manolo’s Friday Miscellany

Manolo says, here are the few links to the interesting and amusing things that some of the Manolo’s internet friends have sent to him this week.

How to know when you have the shoe addiction? Postcards arrive in the mail.

From the American Digest comes news of the shoe technology that will not only allow you to “enter the new world of comfort” but also perhaps save you two or three of the seconds each day. (Do not laugh. It adds up!)

The Hanukkah it is almost here! Do you have the menorah?

For the 1,000 Pounds you too can have the X-Box of Pure Evil.

The Uggly Song!

Finally, the Manolo briefly discusses the history of the opera pump.