Manolo’s Gift Music III

Manolo says, here are three more recommendations from the Manolo to help those who must find the gifts of the last minute.

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Bryars: Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet

On the face, the concept it is most simple: the minimalist composer Gavin Bryars found the audio loop of homeless street person singing the repetative jingle and to this he added the music. But this description, in no way does it fully convey the emotional power of this composition. It is, in the opinion of the Manolo, perhaps the single most affecting piece of music composed in the past fifty years.

The Next Hundred Years

The Next Hundred Years

The Ted Hawkins, he is the absolutely best soul singer of whom you have never heard. His voice, it is so good, so very good. so soulful, so very soulful.

Very Best Of
Very Best of David Hasselhoff

Simply Masterful!

(If you do not believe the Manolo you must read the Amazon reviews, they are unanimous in their fulsome praise of this majesterial body of work.)