Project Runway 2, Week 3

Manolo says, as the Laura K has said about the third week of the Project Runway, it was the wreck of the train.

It has been obvious from the beginning of the season that the Daniel Franco he would have to be shuffled off the stage somewhat quickly. He has the talent for the tailoring, but he does not have the major talent for the design, and so off he was shuffled.

However, last night, the poor Daniel he also got the shafting by the producers of the show. His collection it was not bad (somewhat Joan Crawford, as the genius Tim noted) and he behaved in the most honorable manner, one worthy of respect and applause.

By the comparison, the Santino with his ridiculous “Spring Time for Hitler” collection, and his big, giant, whiney, titty baby hissy fits, he deserved to be out, so out that he should never again be allowed to pick up the needle and the thread.

But, of the course, as everyone knows, the Santino he is the “good” television, and his personality defects produce conflicts: conflicts with the other contestants, conflicts with the judges, conflicts with the blameless Tim Gunn, conflicts with the production staff, and presumably conflicts with the random passers by on the street. And the “reality” television it thrives on the ridiculous and needless conflicts, so the producers they allowed the Santino to stay on the show for at least one more week, so that he may continue to antagonize others for the benefit of the viewing public.

Normally, the Manolo he could live with this devil’s bargain, but this week it was too much, it was the clear miscarriage of the justice.

P.S. One of the Manolo’s internet friends has corrected the Manolo. It was the Joan Collins, not the Joan Crawford, to which the Tim had made the comparison.