Trout Pout!

Manolo says, oddly, this it is exactly what she’ll look like in 20 years, only tighter.


Shoes for the Cruise

BCBG Max Azria - Matana-S Manolo Likes!  Click!
BCBG Max Azria - Matana-S    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, so at last you are going on the holiday cruise in the Sea of the Caribbeans with the handsome man of your dreams. What will you wear when you dine with the Captain?

Allow the Manolo to suggest this beautiful crystaly sandal from the BCBG Max Azria as being suitble to the occasion. It it is warm, and pretty, and dressy enough so that even Captain Stubing will be impressed with your fashion sense and great beauty.

Even the better, it is on the sale, 64% off of the usual price! The savings of over $300 of the American dollars that can now be spent on the touristy trinkets in the island ports.


Manolo’s Holiday Gift DVDs, Part I

Manolo says, previously the past week or so, the Manolo he has been suggesting the holiday gift book ideas for his many internet friends. But what to get the person who is not much of the reader? Or for the person who is addicted to the films?

Well, the Manolo he is here to help, by suggesting the few of the Manolo’s favorite DVDs, ones suitable for the giving as the gifts.

The Funniest Television Show Ever

Father Ted - The Holy Trilogy
Father Ted – The Holy Trilogy

The first three or the four episodes of the Father Ted they were probably the funniest thing the Manolo has ever seen. Three reprobate priests exiled onto the desolate Irish island. It does not sound promising, but it is, in the fact, absolutely brilliant, anarchic and brilliant, and guaranteed to make you laugh until you cannot breathe.

How the Manolo Thinks the Wild West Really Was

Deadwood - The Complete First Season
Deadwood the Complete First Season

It is perhaps not well known that the Manolo he is the connoisseur of the cowboy movies, from the worst to the best. And this series, it is one of the best media purchases of the Manolo during this past year.

Simply put, the Deadwood it is the masterwork of sorts. Alternately horrific and hilarious, it has the ring of historical and artistic truth to it. And the Manolo he cannot tell you how much he has enjoyed watching it.

Manolo’s Favorite Fashion Movie


There is no competition for the title of the Manolo’s Favorite Fashion Movie. Nothing can touch the Zoolander, one of the few recent movies with the Ben Stiller in which the Manolo does not find the Ben Stiller actively annoying. It is funny from the start (with the cameo in which the Evil One unveils his true malevolence) to the end. Funny, and yet at its core so true.


The Perfect Gifts for the Manolo Lover in Your Family

Manolo says, what to get the person who has everything?

Super Fantastic Drink Coasters    Manolo Adores!  Click!

Perhaps the drink coasters that remind you of just how special you truly are.

Ayyyyyy!   Hoodie.   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Or maybe the hoodie with the Manolo’s favorite interjection.

There are many more such items available for the holiday shopping at the Manolo’s Shoe Blog Shoppe, and look there are the coupons for the bulk purchases!


Holiday Shoes VI

BCBG Max Azria Zahida  Manolo Likes!  Click!BCBG Max Azria Zahida    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, for the Manolo no material captures the essence of the season like the velvet, and this pair of the peep toes from the BCBG Max Azria they are sumptuous as only the velvet can be.

The Nomination

Manolo says, ayyyyyyy! The Manolo he has been nominated for the 2005 Weblog Award in the category of the Best Culture/Gossip Blog.

It is such the honor just to have been nominated. And the Manolo he vows to work for the world peace and the spread of the doctrine of super fantasticness if elected to this honored position.


Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend the Virginia Postrel, she is also purse blogging today!

Actually, the Virginia she is cool blogging, posting the article in which the she considers what it is that makes something “cool”, and among the things cited as being cool for her is the most attractive purse from the BCBG Max Azria.

Ultimately, however, although the Virginia can point to the items of coolness, she cannot explain exactly what it is that makes them cool.

This it is because the “coolness” is more about the emotional than the intellectual.

In the past the Manolo he has discussed this matter of the super fantastic, which although not the same as coolness is similar enough for the purposes of this discussion. In such discussions, always the Manolo returns to this conclusion.

Sometimes the Manolo he can explain why something, it is super fantastic. Other times, the Manolo can only feel the super fantasticness in the vibrating of his very being.

This it is the recognition that the emotional response to the item under consideration precedes and and sometimes preempts the rational consideration, so that we want something before we know precisely why we want it.

It is the opinion of the Manolo that if we have trained out tastes over time, through exposure to truly wonderful things, we can come to rely upon such emotional responses as being worthwhile of acknowledgement. So that, for the example, the Manolo he does not need to articulate and explain why he loves the particular shoe, because he can feel, and he has learned to trust his tastes in such matters of feeling.

This it is exactly what is happening to the Manolo’s friend the Virginia. She cannot articulate why, but she nonetheless knows.

P.S. You must also buy the Virginia’s book The Substance of Style : How the Rise of Aesthetic Value Is Remaking Commerce, Culture, and Consciousness. It is one of the Manolo’s favorite books from the past two years, and it would make the fine gift for one who likes to consider the role of style in the modern world.


Mein Liebchen

Manolo says, would you like to touch my brass, deer?


Shoulder Bags for the Christmas

Manolo says, the Manolo he has decided to do the purse blogging for the Christmas, so that perhaps his gentlemen readers will have some idea of what the womens in their lives may appreciate. Trust the Manolo, nothing says “Merry Christmas, Honey, Your Husband He is Not the Clueless Lout!” like the appearance of the designer bag under the festive tree.

Hogan Handbags Fall - Winter 2005/06

The Manolo, he absolutely adores this suede shoulder bag with the shearling trim from the Hogan. It is very, very rico suave, so muy rico suave that the Manolo he feels he could crawl inside and take up the residence in it’s capacious, yet cozy confines. This it is the winter bag that will be brought out each year at the first hint of the tiniest nip in the air, so eager will she be to carry it.

Marc Jacobs Kaleidoscope Flower Velvet  Hobo Bag     Manolo Likes!  Click!

The hobo bags they are raging this season, and so the Manolo he has tried to pick out the prettiest of the the hobo bags for your consideration. This one it is the velvet hobo bag from the Marc Jacobs. Is it not both very soft and very feminine? It would be the right bag to accompany many of the flowing, womanly styles of this season.

Pollini Hair Calf Shoulder Bag      Manolo Likes!  Click!

Here is another of this season’s unstructured shoulder bags in the suede, this one from the Pollini. For the Manolo it is the details of the contrasting leather on the straps for the shoulder that make this stand out from the crowd.

Carlos Falchi Briarcliff Small Shoulder Bag    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Here is another of the soft, unstructured bags that the Manolo is so fond of for this season. This one it is from the Carlos Falchi. The leather it is wonderfully supple, and the details they do not overwhelm the basic good looks of this bag.


Chocolate for the Christmas

Richart Chocolate for Christmas!   Manolo Adores!

Manolo says, speaking of the food, the gourmandise and the refined tastes, here is the truly opulent gift for the holidays: the collection of the fine chocolates from the French chocolatier, Michel Richart, the scion of the famous Richart family of the chocolatiers.

The True History of Chocolate
The True History of Chocolate

Or, if your taste for the chocolate it runs towards the literary and historical, perhaps you could present your loved one who loves the chocolate with this engaging book about the history of the chocolate.

What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate!  by Donna Barstow
What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate!

Or perhaps if you believe the person who is to receive the gift likes to laugh while enjoying the fine chocolates, then you must, must give them this book of the very funny cartoons from the Manolo’s internet friend, the Donna Barstow. It made the Manolo laugh, repeatedly.

Fashion and Food

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend the Kit she has the few thoughts on the intersection between the fashion and the food.

When I read the Manolo’s post, I started thinking about the connections between food and fashion. True, there are foodies who pay next to no attention to their appearances, and there are certainly many fashionistas who shun the food (the evils of the fashion industry that spawn those attitudes belong to another post entirely.) But really, the intersection between those who love food and those who love fashion is large, and understandably so.

Indeed, this it is exactly correct as the intersection slightly to the north of the Manolo’s belt, where the food and the fashion they meet, it is larger than it needs to be, and understandably so.

Ha! The Manolo he jokes!

Here is more from the Kit.

Appreciating both fashion and food is, at its core, about responding to the sensory qualities of a basic human need. About elevating those needs, taking them beyond the minimum requirements for survival.

This it is partly correct, but it does not go far enough.

The Manolo would say that the commonality it is that the humans we are designed to seek pleasure in our senses. And beautiful clothes and good food give us pleasure in dramatic and obvious ways.

When we are the children, we delighted in the unrefined pleasures. So that if given the opportunity we would gobble the sweetest and stickiest sort of the candy until we vomit, as the Teeny Manolo did on more than one of the occasions.

But, as we grow older we are taught to moderate our desires, to control them, and if we are lucky, we begin to refine these desires so that we can appreciate the more sophisticated, adult pleasures.

We can even, if we become refined enough, find less obviously direct pleasure in the food and the fashion, including the peculiar meta-pleasures of connoisseurship: the oh-so satisfying pleasures one takes in knowing how to take pleasure in certain things. (Although, here one must be careful not to end up like the annoying oenophiles who weild their snooty connoisseurship like the policemen’s truncheons.)

The Manolo he would say that the pleasures we seek in beautiful clothes and good food are not just the direct pleasures of consumption, but are also the intellectual and psychic and social pleasure that come with knowing what is good and what is not. And so it is natural that one who has refined the tastes and senses in one field should seek to do so in the other.


Due Farina Sample Sale!

Manolo says, AYYYYYYY! The Manolo he forgot to mention that his friends at the Due Farina they are having the sample sale in their Manhattan showroom, at the 325 West 38th St, Suite 712

The hours of the sale they are from the 11AM to 7PM, tomorrow and Saturday, December 3rd. Their unusual and beautiful shoes they will be selling for 70% off the ususal prices.