Project Runway 2, Week 7

Manolo says, this episode it was the great improvement over the previous episode, the one with the hideous skaters costumes.

The theme for the show, the inspiration, it is the excellent one, as it gives us the chance to see how the designers they think about this important topic.

First, however, we get to see how the Manolo’s old friend, the Michael Kors searches for the inspiration, and the result, the Doris Duke in Hawaii, it is not especially inspiring. This “inspiration” it yields what, the retro Hawaiian prints in the pastel colors! Very innovative, that.

Thank Goodness, says the Manolo, that at the least his inspiration it was not the Daisy Duke in Appalachia, or else we would have had to sit through the showing of the Michael Kors line of Hee Haw couture.

As for the designers of the Project Runway, many of their inspirations (street signs, graffitti, large African women in dashikis) they were equally hackneyed, something which the Michael Kors noted unironically at the final showdown.

And here the Manolo he must give the special props to the Andrae and the Daniel, not merely for the beautiful garments which they produced, but also for having the good eye to find the images which were unusual and inspiring. Like the Michael Kors, the Manolo he is now the “Full Dan Fan”. Also, more and more the Manolo he has come to love the crazy little flaming Andrae. Yes, he is wound one turn too tight, but at the bottom he has the sweet and kindly personality, and his talent, which literally found beauty in the gutter, it is muy fuerte indeed.

This episode it was also good because it gave us the Nick almost having the melting down, the Zulema getting her final reward, and the chastened and seriously subdued Santino, who does the dead perfect impersonation of the Tim Gunn, and who appears to have less and less talent as the series progresses. By the way, after watching the sage Tim Gunn go on and on about the deficiencies of the model Rachel (who is the “elongated marshmallow with the “gumby legs”) the Manolo he cannot but believe that the Zulema did exactly the right thing by taking the Tarah. That it did not help her, it is beside the point.

Finally, let the Manolo say that the Jay, who appeared last night as the judge, he is more amusing by himself, than all of the cuurent designers put together. The Manolo he is eagerly awaiting the Project Jay.