Love Me or Go to The Hell!

Love Me or Go to Hell!  by Donna Barstow

Manolo says, look! The Manolo’s good friend the Donna Barstow she has edited the new super funny book about the love and/or the going to Hell.

Here is the hilarious sample.

Love Me or Go To Hell!  Edited by Donna Barstow!
It is funny because it is so true!

The Carnivale de Couture #5

Manolo says, the Manolo’s friend the Kim she has the many links to the fashion bloggers at this week’s Carnivale de Couture!

The theme?

What was your most/least favorite part/garment/party/celebrity sighting of The Week and, as a result, are you looking forward to the upcoming season with anticipation or trepidation?

Of the course, it should be obvious to the Manolo’s internet friends what the least favorite of the moment of the Manolo was.


Gucci for the Blizzard

Gucci Womens Shoes Cruise 2006

Manolo says, what better way to celebrate the Great Blizzard of the ’06 than by fantasizing about the tropical places, and the beautiful shoes you would wear there?