The Carnivale of the Couture

Manolo says, the wonderful I Am The Fashion girls they have put up this week’s edition of the Carnivale of the Couture.


Sample Sale of the Due Farina

Dance Hall by Due Farina   Manolo Likes!

Manolo say, the Manolo’s good friends at the Due Farina, they are having the super fantastic giant sale of the samples this week!

Dear Manolo,

We are having a HUGE SAMPLE SALE with Due Farina shoes/handbags, Ingwa Melero clothing & V’ta jewelry!!! Up to 70% off. Please post for your readers. Thank you.

Date/time: Thurs. Feb 23 through Sat. 25 11am – 7pm
Location: 325 West 38th St Suite 712 (between 8th & 9th Ave)
Phone: 212.629.7110.

If you are in the New York and you love the colorful shoes made of the unusual materials (and who does not?) you should go to this. The Manolo believes that the most recent collection of the Due Farina it is their best yet.


The Forbidden Dance Fever

Manolo says, Ayyyyy! The Halle Berry she has the lambada mania!

The first manifestation, it is the provocative shimmy-shaking…

…Followed by the blatantly sexualized self groping…

…And finally, the victim forbidden-dances with the lavender man-rat.

P.S. Hallewood!


The Fashion Sinkhole

Manolo says, this story it is not the surprise to the Manolo.

If any discipline at the Winter Olympics had the potential to provide a platform from which to showcase the marriage of high style and high function, it would seem to be figure skating. Yet the glossy ice pond in Turin is a fashion sinkhole, as even the occupationally chirpy talking heads are aware. “Figure skating can have some pretty frightening costumes,” Sandra Bezic, a skating commentator on NBC’s team at Turino, said Tuesday night.

The problem is not the proliferation of “illusion” effects, in which parts are cut from costumes to suggest nakedness, the transparent sections replaced with tan Lycra. It is not that the costumers seem to have staggered off a Mardi Gras parade. It is not that a plague of two-tone or tone-on-tone velvets or random zippers or Chippendale’s tear-away effects or even rhinestones applied in shotgun pattern to every surface has swept the ice rinks. It is not even that bad is so opulently “Showgirls” bad that it can be read as ironic, hence “good.”

The problem is worse. It is that the kitsch that extends to everything from the grim expressionist ballet in the opening ceremony to the Old Glory bandannas to the fieldstone fireplace lighted with licking plastic flames on the NBC set has infiltrated consciousness so fully that it has become a denominator, the one authentically democratic aspect of the Games.

Of the course, the fans of the Project Runway know that the designing the costume for the skating it is not easy. Especially since the ice skating it is so elegant.


The Poor Man’s Vin Diesel

Manolo says, oddly the poor man’s Vin Diesel is Vin Diesel.

Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the Manolo’s most recent column for the Express of the Washington Post it is now available for the downloading. Today, it is the shoes for the super fantastic scientist.

Dear Manolo,

I’m a scientist, and my work in the lab requires much standing and walking back and forth. When I was a grad student I wore sneakers, but now that there is a title next to my name, I’d like to wear something more elegant.


Manolo says, oddly, the Manolo he personally knows many of the brianiac scientists, and he would have to say that sartorially they are the sorry lot, perhaps second only to the mechanical engineers and the German fashion designers in terms of fashion faux pas per minute.

Thank goodness for the lab coat!

And so given the usual standards of dress which the scientists adopt, the Manolo he cannot but be cheered that his friend would seek out professional counsel in the matter of feetwear. It is with such minor victories that the battle against ugliness is won.

Of the course, this quest of the Manolo’s scientific friend, to find the comfortable but also super fantastic and affordable shoes, it is the search for the Holy Grail.

We who are but the humble servants of the shoe, we spend of our lives looking for this elusive and majestic relic, and she who has located it truly has found the “pearl of great price”.

The Manolo he does not say that these shoes from the Stuart Weitzman called the Buckminster (like the Buckminster Fuller!) are as unto the treasures of heaven, but they have the reputation for comfort, and they are in the opinion of the Manolo stylish enough so as to shame the scientific colleagues into wearing something better.

Buckminster by Stuart Weitzman   Manolo Likes!  Click!

P.S. The Manolo he would also recommend this shoe below from the J.P. Tods as being suitable for the serious and diligent scientist who wishes to be stylish

Tods Womens Shoes  Manolo Likes!  Click!

P.P.S. Engineer Chic!

Strategy of the Stilletos

Manolo says, look the Manolo’s friend the Miss Meghan she is running the seminar at the 92nd Street Y!

Whether you’re a seasoned Manolo wearer or just bought your first pair of three-inch spiky wonders, you are going to need a Stiletto Strategy©! Let Meghan Cleary, author of The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You, help you develop your own Stiletto Strategy©. We’ll explore which stilettos are best for what occasion, why walking in them is like Pilates, and how to pad up your favorite pair for a looong night on the town!

Meghan Cleary, a.k.a. Miss Meghan, believes a woman’s favorite pair of shoes is a window into her soul. The kind of shoe a woman wears can signal her taste in clothing, her career goals and even her ideal mate. Discover what your shoes say about you and learn to love your inner stiletto!

This it sounds like good shoe-based fun.

Carnivale of Couture #6

Manolo says, the next Carnivale of the Couture, it being held at super fantastic blog of the I Am Fashion, and the topic it is

Suprise darling! You have just won the lottery! How will you, the super fabulous fashionable blogger, spend your US$10m winnings? Tell us all about your money-spending plan!!

If you are the fashion blogger, or the blogger who aspires to the fashion blogging the Manolo he encourages you to participate in the next Carnivale. The most the merriest!

Flats for the Springtime in Paris

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

I am very excited, as I am about to make my first trip to Paris this spring !

I was wondering if you would recommend some flat shoes which would be comfortable for walking about for hours and hours and hours each day on the cobblestones, and yet still be smart enough not to disgrace me in the shoe salons of the fashion capital (where I plant to spend many an hour and a hard-earned dollar), and especially not in front of the undoubtedly chic Parisienne shop girls.

Merci beaucoup !


Ayyyyyyy! The Rosie she is so lucky, to be spending the time of the spring in the Paris.

She is also indeed most lucky because the shoes of the Hollywould they are on the sale at this very moment. And so the Manolo he has picked out two pairs of the shoes that are not only excessively stylish and attrative, but are also on the sale.

Bateau by Hollywould!  Manolo Likes!  Click!

This shoe above, the Bateau, it is over 60% off of the regular price, the discount of over $260 of the American dollars!

Roberta by Hollywould     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Here is the Roberta from the Hollywould, another smart flat on the sale. This one it is nearly 50% off of the regular price!


Project Runway 2, Week 10

Manolo says, so long to the Kara, you were most annoying, and not terribly talented, and usually your clothes they looked as if they’d been grabbed from the rag bag.

Ah, Santino, Santino, how the Manolo would love to hear that you have met with the unfortunate machine gun accident at the toll booth.

The Manolo cannot remember when he last saw this level of groundless, unjustifiable narcissism…oh, right. Never mind. Clearly you and your spangly wickety-wack are destined for the great things, perhaps designing workout clothes for Bobby Trendy to sell at the Wal-Mart.

Once again, the Daniel V. displays his talent for taking beautiful shapes, forms, and materials and giving them the merest, slightest, tiniest twist, so as to make them seem ever so slightly barely different. It is the talent for the small details, and the Manolo, after viewing the pictures of the runway show, is completely convinced that you will win the whole thing. Look for the Daniel V. to soon be working for the Ralph Lauren or the Calvin Klein.

As for the Chloe, the Tim Gunn was exactly right, the Chloe produced the gown that made the rail thin model appear to have the giant ass. Bravo to that! Once again, the Manolo must repeat that she is boringly good, and that her collection at the runway show was meh, whatever, fine.

Notes from the rest of this episode: Mamas don’t let your boys grow up to be Austin Scarlett, because he’s always aflame and hankering for fame, even if there’s not much else there. And Jay is still the delightful Jay, but the fifteen minutes they are ticking away fast.

P.S. As always there is so much more at the Blogging the Project Runway.


The Magnificent Tim Gun

Manolo says, here is the wonderfully informative article on the Tim Gunn from the

Gunn is not a judge, and he is not even a fashion designer, which is crucial to his success both on the show and at Parsons The New School For Design. “I don’t have a particular point of view about fashion other than quality, taste and style,” he said in a recent telephone interview. “I’m respectful of all of it. I look at it all unencumbered.”

This, it is slightly disingenous, indeed it is self-contradictory. The particular point of the view of the Tim Gunn it is one which empasizes exactly what the Tim has indicated, the quality, the taste and the style.

One need only look at how the Tim dresses himself to know that this is a man who is restrained, intellectual, and concerned with decorum. He is intellectually detached enough to give the honest critique of the sometimes awful work, not because he does not have the point of view, but because he is the excellent teacher and the good critic.

The interview continues…

Gunn, 52, grew up in Washington, D.C., an introverted boy whose lack of ballfield exploits made him “the bane of my father’s existence.” (Gunn did take to competitive swimming: “It was nice and clean and you didn’t sweat.”) His mother started the library at the Central Intelligence Agency before giving birth to her two children, and his father was a career FBI agent, a close-mouthed man who served as J. Edgar Hoover’s ghostwriter.

Gunn says he never considered fashion design as a career, yet he still couldn’t keep his hands off his younger sister’s Barbie dolls. “I had a Barbie obsession,” he says. “I was concerned with the whole Barbie lifestyle.”

It always starts with the Barbies.


The Pepsi Hoff

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyy! The Manolo he has just changed his beverage of choice!