The Project Runway Withdrawl

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, ayyyyyyyy! The Project Runway season two, it is over! What will the Manolo now do with his Wednesday evenings?

Happily, the Manolo’s many internet friends at the Blogging the Project Runway are still on the job, keeping the fanatics of the Project Runway updated with the latest news and gossip.

Also, the various sources of media still continue to deliver the information about the contestants. Here, for the example, is the story about the Chloe, one that contains the reactions from the Tim Gunn and the Jay.

“I was STUNNED when I realized that Chloe was the winner,” said Tim Gunn, chair of Parsons New School For Design and Project Runway’s resident den father. “Why? Because Daniel V. had been the Golden Boy and I knew that he was a hands-down favorite going into the Bryant Park Tents, and Santino had evolved to a level of sophistication that I was dubious he could achieve.”

“But frankly, looking at the designers as individuals, independent of their work, what do we have?” added Gunn. “Had Santino won, then we would have had the Project Runway Winners’ Circle Freak Show – Jay first, and now Santino. Daniel is extremely inexperienced in the industry to deliver on the expectations of the win. Chloe is, indeed, seasoned and experienced and professional.”

In other words, she won “because she’s the opposite of me!” Jay McCarroll told FWD with a laugh.

Leave it to the Jay to say that which is both the most outrageous and the most correct thing.

He had been rooting for Daniel V. to win, as had many other people, including, not surprisingly, the entire F.I.T. student body. (A colleague who watched the final episode at the school last Wednesday reports that a collective gasp erupted in the room when Dao was pronounced the winner.)

“I thought her shapes were good, but her fabrications and color palette were kind of gross,” McCarroll opined of Dao’s winning collection. “Just because you use the same fabric in three garments doesn’t mean that it’s a cohesive collection. And there was no vision.”

Project Runway judge Nina Garcia defended Dao’s win, telling FWD the Houston native took home the prize because “she did a great job and her work was consistent with a strong point of view” and that it was the memorable nature of Dao’s previous PR work that tipped the scales in her favor.

“The last collections that we saw on the runway were not very different from one another,” said Garcia. “So we had to judge them in terms of how they had fared in the other competitions, and we thought, whom do we remember? We could remember the orchid and flower dresses from Daniel. With Chloe, you remember the “clothes off her back” challenge, the flower dress and the one she did for the inspiration challenge, because it was so labor intensive.”

And yes, the judges did “weigh in that Chloe has a business sense,” as well, confirms Garcia. “Daniel V. looks the part and has the talent. But when we talked about what would be the ideal situation for Daniel, it’s to work with a designer for a few more years and learn what it takes. Chloe is mature and can handle the opportunities that come with becoming instantly famous. So the message here is: you have to be creative and you have to have business sense.”

Nina, dear heart, you have made the mistake. It is best to not try to justify, best to just move on and pretend that it has never happened.


16 Responses to “The Project Runway Withdrawl”

  1. Pam Says:

    Dearest Manolo,

    I, too, am suffering from serious Project Runway withdrawal and am glad to read that you are too, so I know I’m not crazy. It’s just a TV show! But, it’s such great television and such great entertainment.

    I’m still surprised to read all of the backlash against Chloe winning but I guess if either Santino or Daniel had won, I would be part of the backlash against them. I have to say however, that what I’ve liked the most in reading those articles is that Chloe seems to have stayed true to herself, not being overly pompous (as I’m sure Daniel or Santion would have) nor carried away by all that fame has brought. I know you didn’t care much for her clothes but her post-win demeanor says a lot to me.

    I’m glad I’m not suffering alone.

  2. Kai Jones Says:

    I liked Chloe’s admission that the consequences of winning might not be all positive, and living comfortably with ambiguity and uncertainty like that is a sign of maturity.

  3. Rob D. Says:

    The other night, I dreamt I was watching season 3 of Project Runway, and everything was dark and lacked color and vibrance. Everybody was doing things in dark greys and browns and nobody had anything resembling an interesting personality.

    That’s when I woke up screaming.

  4. ushie Says:

    Ah, but her win also means that the most creative…did not. I leave it to you to fret about which guy that was.

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Very sad that Chloe won, but have comforted myself by the knowledge that she will be perfect for a corporate fashion position with BR. On the other hand, Daniel got the bigger win when he was told he had a job if he wanted it. He will do well regardless of where he lands for he has real talent. I even would have preferred Santino to Chole, despite not liking his designs, I certainly remember them more than hers.

    I am not looking for clothing from the Gap, I am looking for creativity from a “designer”. I guess that is not what the judges are looking for. This season was much more corporate and the winner reflected that shift. I hope next season it shifts back to creativity and point of view…

  6. tbone Says:

    Ayyyy Manolo – we are all feeling the mini-depression, especially on Wednesday nights. (“Top Chef = bleh”) The lamp will continue to be lit at Blogging the Project Runway. Indeed today we have linked to a new interview with the super-fantastic Tim Gunn that I know you will enjoy. And the auditions for Season 3 begin this weekend. It will be here before you know it!

  7. la petite chou chou Says:

    I wish I had bravo because I would have liked to see the whole thing unfold—now that it has the impact it seems to have had. But I would like to put out there that BR isn’t quite “Gap” even though it’s the same company…

  8. Khazarkhum Says:

    Offering a job to Daniel after kicking Santino away was the pinnacle of crass. I’m not surprised Nina Garcia has been scrambling to CHA; she has the dead eyes and other heartwarming qualities of a shark.

  9. Laura K Says:

    One of the most frustrating aspects of Season Two has indeed been the judging. While I admire Nina Garcia and Michael Kors and all of the guest judges and appreciate their hard work on behalf of PR, I deplore the lack of consistency in the judging criteria. I won’t elaborate here because there is too much to cover, but fans of Project Runway know what I mean : )

    Daniel and Santino were polarizing. There were many Santino-lovers out there and many many Daniel-lovers too. Generally it seemed that they were mutually exclusive. It was one or the other.

    I believe that Chloe was the “safe bet.” Mature and experienced, talented and determined, unmistakeably lovely. Although she didn’t seem to have such a strong fan base, no one can really say they “hated” her or would be “extremely upset” if she won. I believe that it was really in the best interest of the show that Chloe won. I am always in favor of the decision that places the show in the best light. Chloe will be a wonderful representative of Project Runway and surely will make us all proud.

    Meanwhile, all of the finalists can be very proud of their showings. Santino is already a star. Daniel has many job offers. Kara can hardly keep up with the orders for her designs, and Nick Verreos is everywhere. Winning isn’t everything!

  10. Sara Says:

    There’s always Veronica Mars on Wednesday nights…

  11. Joyce Says:

    I started watching Project Runway this season based on the fabulous Manolo’s postings on the show. I am not generally a reality TV fan but this show was very addictive. The people had real personalities and talent and every show was a display of that talent.

    Anyhow, I was surprised at Chloe’s win but not disappointed. I too was a Daniel V fan. I also thought that the Santino was odious as our beloved Manolo said at one point. The attempt to re-hab Santino by showing his nice side – e.g., that he didn’t bite the head off of the little girl in his lap, was just too manipulative. He was an arrogant snake and while everyone kept lauding his “Creativity”, the fact is that his clothes didn’t fit his models. As Nina said, the model’s boobs were in the wrong places. My wish for the winner was that it just not be Santino.

    Based on the on-going chat about the finale, I re-viewed the show last night. Chloe did articulate her vision well. I think it held together because she just did evening wear and kept most if not all the clothes in the same rich fabric/color range. Her clothes have always looked wearable to me. While she is no Galliano, she does line up with the likes of Bill Blass, Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera. Nothing earth shattering but nice well made classic clothes. The intership at BR will be a good experience for her because their vision would be similar in the classic clothing category, although I think Chloe has more style than BR and also much better tailoring and construction skills.

    As for Daniel V, he too generally had very wearable clothes. The one time he was off was when he dressed Chloe as a middle aged divorcee looking for love from the ’80s. What was up with that? Well at least he had immunity. I agree (of course) with Manolo’s view of him that he takes classics and updates them with something original. In re-viewing that white coat last night, it was totally stylin’ but I did also really love outfit 13 too.

    I think this win for Chloe will boost her business in Houston – maybe a franchise deal in her future. But I also think Daniel V will go far because of this. Maybe working for Michael Kors for a while will season him enough to have him go off on his own. For sure, a gig working for Kors is a better credential than the BR.

    I note that Michael didn’t make Santino an offer – but part of that is at least when you are coming up in the world, no one wants to work with an arrogant jerk, creative or not. While he loves his Mom, I truly question her parenting skills in bringing up such an odious (love this word) snake. Cooperation and courtesy really works – just look at Chloe and Daniel V. When Chloe won, Daniel V was a total class act, just as he has been all along.

    The really funny thing is that I think Nick may end up going the farthest of all of them! After he left, he found that the style that Chloe created for him really worked and he looked confident in himself and happy. I wish him all of the best.

  12. Joyce Says:

    It’s me again! I have a funny story about PR2. I was flying back from SF on JetBlue and the finale was on DirecTV. The women next to me (I was window) and behind me were all watching it. After we landed and were waiting to leave the plane, we all were chatting about being happy about Chloe and happy that Santino got kicked to the curb. And what outfits we thought were the best.

    Then we all spontaneously started doing Andrae imitations – “Where’s Andrae?”, “Where the hell is my chiffon!”.

    Truly a bonding moment among female flyers!

  13. The Scarlett Says:

    Ah, dearest Manolo we are all facing the withdrawal! Wednesdays feel empty. However, have you heard ?

  14. The Scarlett Says:

    Ayyyyyyyy! My link was lost.
    I mean to say have you heard Techno Tim?

  15. ushie Says:

    When I look at the fashion, I look at how the dress, outfit, etc., could be adapted for me–5’2″, big bust…I know, I know, I should look at how wonderful it is on a six-foot 12-year-old gamine, but she does not go to my place of business as me, and I need the clothes!

    I could see myself wearing some of the Santino’s clothes, especially the tops, adapted down for me, and some of Daniel V’s, especially the coat styles. (what can I say? I have trained the people at work to put up with the non-suit from me.) I cannot put myself into any of the Chloe’s–supershiny! I would reflect the overhead phlorescent (sp) lights! And I could not stuff these 38 DD’s in any of her things! And the tiny jackets would make the boobs look like the prow of the big ship! Aiieee! No!

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