The Next Carnivale of the Couture

Manolo says, the next Carnivale of the Couture it will be held at the Style Tribe. Here is the topic, it is the good one.

For this week’s Carnivale of Couture, I want to celebrate our role as bloggers.

What distinguishes us from fashion press is our lack of limits: we can express as we please, and our unique personalities make us more interesting rather than less professional.

To that end, I want to invite everyone to write about their most significant fashion purchase. Not the most expensive or most exciting, but the one that was somehow pivotal, or meaningful to you personally.

As the Manolo has said this it is the good topic, one which should generate the excellent posts.

The Beauty Blogs

Manolo says, Mira! The beauty blogs they have been profiled by the Times of New York.

By every measure, the blogosphere is booming. The number of blogs has doubled every five and a half months for the past year and a half, according to Technorati, a San Francisco-based search engine that is tracking 27.2 million blogs. And the number of beauty-related blogs is almost certainly rising as fast. A recent search on Technorati turned up 307 blogs related to beauty and 50 related to makeup. A search for individual postings using the keyword “Pantene” turned up more than 9,100.

In many ways, blogs are ideally suited to the pursuit of beauty. The vast number of new products provides plenty of grist for reviews. And because beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, personal opinions — the sina qua non of blogging — matter above all. Where except on a blog (and maybe at a tell-all slumber party) could someone blurt out, “If her face looks like she applied spackle with a butter knife, well, maybe she is not the one to do your makeup”? Where else would you confide to thousands of strangers: “You are not looking at a pink or red gloss girl. I just don’t look good in them. But somehow, the tint-gloss combo just … shines!”

In this story two bloggers the Manolo loves were mentioned; the first it is the always amusing Kristen the Beauty Addict and the second is the Manolo’s special internet friend the Kim of I Am Pretty NYC.

By the way, the Manolo believes that this story, arriving so very late to the world of the beauty and make-up blogging, only proves what the Manolo has been saying for the long time, that the big newspapers are now the lagging indicators of what is worthy of our attentions.

Viva Las Vegas!

Manolo says, the Manolo he has finally recovered enough from his most recent adventures in the City of Sin with the Posse Manolo to at last give the report to his many internet friends.Wynn

For the Manolo the highlights of the trip they were the new Wynn hotel, with the dinner at the Boulud Brasserie at the Wynn’s magnificent Lake of Dreams.

All the Manolo can say about the Wynn is that it is worth the expense. Trust the Manolo, if like the Manolo you are the lover of oppulence, and the demander of obsequious service, you will enjoy the Wynn.

As for the dining, it is not the secret that the Manolo he has long been the devoted admirer of the Daniel Boulud, and so naturally he had the high expectations for his meal. He was not disappointed. But beyond the cuisine, the settings of the restaurant at the Wynn’s Lake of Dreams were beyond what could possibly be described. The Manolo he is accustomed to the phoney-baloney, animatronic, Disneyesque attractions of the Vegas, but he was stunned by the unconventional beauty of this man-made feature. It must be seen to be believed, especially at night.

Of course, for the Manolo no trip to the Las Vegas would complete without the trip to the Forum at the Caesar’s Palace.

It is at the Forum Shops where where the Manolo contracted his current madness for the wedges.

The reasons for this they are many and manifest. Look, for the example, at this magnificent, over-the-top wedge from the Giuseppe Zanotti, which the Manolo discovered at the Zanotti store in the Caesar’s Forum.
E6167 Wedge from Giuseppe Zanotti    Manolo Likes!  Click!
Very Vegas, no?

Naturally, the Manolo convinced one the members of his Posse Manolo to purchase these shoes, which were then worn to dinner at the the Joel Rubochon in the MGM that very evening. (The second of two superb meals the Manolo consumed while on his mini-vacation.)

Also found at the Zanotti store were these beautiful wedges.
E6487 Wedge from Giuseppe Zanotti    Manolo Likes!  Click!
And so one may see how the Manolo could become obsessed with the wedges for the spring, what with the so many beautiful wedges available now from the designers.

Thus, the Manolo would judge this trip to the Las Vegas to be the complete, exhausting, and most satisfying success.


Murder by Ridiculousness

Manolo says, ayyyyy! Scenes from the Agatha Christie!