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Manolo says, today it is the day of festivities, and what better way to celebrate than with the most exuberant and festive shoes the Manolo can find, in this case, the wild and beautiful buckle mules from the Masestro Manolo Blahnik.

The Next Carnivale of the Couture

The Manolo says, the next Carnivale of the Couture it is being held at the blog of the Papier Doll.

The topic it is the good one, yes, difficult but good.

You’ve been given the opportunity to produce a runway show for any designer of your choosing. Which designer would it be, what location would you hold the show, who would be on your guest list of front row celebrities, and what music would you play as the models strutted down the runway? You have unlimited budget and resources, and complete creative freedom.

So, post up the post, and send the results to the Papier Doll.

For the coming up weeks, here is the schedule for the Carnivale.

Week of the Monday, April 10th – Kiss Me, Stace
Week of the Monday, April 17th – The Fashionable Kiffen
Week of the Monday, April 24th – Final Fashion
Week of the Monday, May 1st – Sense of Soot
Week of the Monday, May 8th – Clothesaholic
Week of the Monday, May 15th – The Bargain Queen

If you are the fashion blogger who would like to participate, please email the Manolo, the self-appointed keeper of the list of the hosts.

The Great Day!

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyy!

Today it is the most amazing day in the blogging history of the Manolo! Indeed, it is the reddest of the red letter days, for today the Manolo will introduce his many internet friends to the two new, very talented writers.

The first to be introduced, it is the Isidore “Izzy” Gallant, the writer the Manolo has engaged to take over the duties of the editor and blogger at the Manolo for the Men Blog.

When the Manolo posted his little help wanted notice here in this forum two of the weeks ago, he dared not hope that he would find someone as wonderfully well-qualifed, nor as beautifully well-spoken as the Izzy. Even the better, the Izzy he has the marvelous sense of the humor, one that will delight you.

The second intrduction, it should be accompanied by the fanfare of the trumpets, as not only will the Manolo introduce to you the new writer, but he will also introduce the entirely new blog, the much anticipated…

Manolo’s Food Blog!

At long last it has arrived, and with it comes the Manolo’s old friend, the Mr. Henry, the writer who will be the editor and blogger at this new place.

As you will soon learn, the Mr. Henry is also, like the Izzy, and the Manolo’s bride blogger, the Never teh Bride, possessed of the strong and entertaining writerly voice, one that is like no other.

The Mr. Henry he is also the man of great sensitivity and refinement, someone who the Manolo believes will put before you only those things that are worthy of your intelligent consideration.

The final word must be made here about the intentions of the Manolo.

As you may have noticed the Manolo, he is slowly constructing the network of the blogs on the topics that are usually described as the “lifestyle”.

These things, the blog networks and the lifestyle blogs, they are not especially new. In the stead, what distinguishes the efforts of the Manolo is his attempting to build the network of the blogs that will become well-known for the superior strength of their writing, for their good humor, and for their relaxed and supremely enjoyable attitudes towards life and living.

These things they will always be the hallmarks of the Manolo’s blogs, that which distinguishes them, and makes them worth the reading.

So, go forth and enjoy the blogs of the Manolo!