The Next Carnivale of the Couture

Manolo says, the next Carnivale of the Couture it will be held at the Designer Ella’s fabulous Kiss Me, Stace blog. The topic it is the good one.

My question is

What is your fashion confession, either a long ago faux pas, or today’s guilty pleasure?

Do be revealing and as descriptive and imagery as you feel free to. Perhaps you may blame your issue on a celebrity’s influence. Just be honest and telling!

So, go to the Kiss Me, Stace and send the Ella your deepest fashion secrets.


Fashion Trends from Russia

Manolo says, it is again time for the Russian Fashion Week, words that should strike fear into the heart of the right-thinking peoples everywhere.

Mostly when the Manolo thinks of the fashion from the the Russia he thinks of this…

The artificially inflated Russian mafia gun molls wearing the bling-bling decollete of dubious taste.

The Manolo he does not think of this…

…or this…

Even the Manolo, normally the person of facility with the words, he is at the loss to describe, although perhaps the deranged, post-modern hobbit comes the closest.

Likewise, the Manolo can simply note that these bizarre cloth appendages, they are some sort of the trend in the fashions of Russia, for the example, look at this Russian collection from the last fall.