The Boots of the Cowboys

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many Australian internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

Dear Manolo:

On Saturday I found a very special pair of vintage Lucchese cowboy boots, which I ended up buying (see attached — photo taken on cell phone in car right after purchase!). I now have a couple of questions that you probably would be able to answer:

1. Have I made a mistake buying boots of the cowboy this season?

2. If no mistake, what is the best way to wear them now?

Is Jeans-over-boot acceptable, or should I be daring and wear jeans-tucked-into-boot? What about skirts?

I first started wanting a pair of Lucchese boots when I saw them on your blog. When I found this vintage pair, I couldn’t resist. Wearing the boots of the cowboy in Sydney, Australia, however, is definitely making a fashion statement!

Thanks for your help!


The Anne she is the wise woman, as these boots they are exactly to the taste of the Manolo, for as the Manolo has said in the previous bloggings..

Manolo says, it is one of the rules of the Manolo that every super fantastic girl, she needs at the least one pair of the boots of the cowboy. And if you are to own only the single pair you would be wise to to make them very traditional, so that when the fashion it changes (and it always changes) you will not have the pair of the hot-pink ostrich leather boots sitting idle in the closet.

For the Manolo, the boots of the cowboy they are about tradition and function. This it is why the Manolo he loves this basic, very traditional boot from the Lucchese.

And look! This boot that the Anne has purchased, it appears to be the very boot the Manolo has in the past recommended, the sturdy and traditional Lucchese N4540.
Lucchese N4540    Manolo Likes!  Click!
As for the questions the Anne asks, the Manolo would answer emphatically, the Anne has not made the mistake buying these boots, for they are the sort of thing that never truly goes out of the style, no matter where you are living.

Boots such as these should mostly be worn with the jeans untucked. The jeans tucked into the boots, to the Manolo, usually seems costumey.

And as for the wearing the boots with the skirts, such look should be reserved only for the special events, such as the hoe-downs and the festive goat ropings.