The Boots of the Cowboys

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many Australian internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

Dear Manolo:

On Saturday I found a very special pair of vintage Lucchese cowboy boots, which I ended up buying (see attached — photo taken on cell phone in car right after purchase!). I now have a couple of questions that you probably would be able to answer:

1. Have I made a mistake buying boots of the cowboy this season?

2. If no mistake, what is the best way to wear them now?

Is Jeans-over-boot acceptable, or should I be daring and wear jeans-tucked-into-boot? What about skirts?

I first started wanting a pair of Lucchese boots when I saw them on your blog. When I found this vintage pair, I couldn’t resist. Wearing the boots of the cowboy in Sydney, Australia, however, is definitely making a fashion statement!

Thanks for your help!


The Anne she is the wise woman, as these boots they are exactly to the taste of the Manolo, for as the Manolo has said in the previous bloggings..

Manolo says, it is one of the rules of the Manolo that every super fantastic girl, she needs at the least one pair of the boots of the cowboy. And if you are to own only the single pair you would be wise to to make them very traditional, so that when the fashion it changes (and it always changes) you will not have the pair of the hot-pink ostrich leather boots sitting idle in the closet.

For the Manolo, the boots of the cowboy they are about tradition and function. This it is why the Manolo he loves this basic, very traditional boot from the Lucchese.

And look! This boot that the Anne has purchased, it appears to be the very boot the Manolo has in the past recommended, the sturdy and traditional Lucchese N4540.
Lucchese N4540    Manolo Likes!  Click!
As for the questions the Anne asks, the Manolo would answer emphatically, the Anne has not made the mistake buying these boots, for they are the sort of thing that never truly goes out of the style, no matter where you are living.

Boots such as these should mostly be worn with the jeans untucked. The jeans tucked into the boots, to the Manolo, usually seems costumey.

And as for the wearing the boots with the skirts, such look should be reserved only for the special events, such as the hoe-downs and the festive goat ropings.


31 Responses to “The Boots of the Cowboys”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    No skirts? Really? I’ve had a pair of black Tony Lama boots for about 20 years and have worn them with a long, stright back wool crepe skirt, a crisp & starched white shirt, and a denim jacket. I think cowboy boots and skirts look okay if you keep the western gew-gaws to a minimum – that is – confined to the boots only. It’s a fun weekend look.

  2. Kourtney Says:

    Well, there’s a lady in my office who wears cowboy boots with her (pants) business suit, & makes it work – but I’m in Calgary. Special cases abound.

    Skirts, when long & narrow, can be good with the boots. If you wear anything that exposes your knee, you need to be very certain of what you are doing or risk looking like a barmaid at Cowboys during stampede season. (Which, while appealing to a certain crowd, is not exactly tasteful.)

    As you’re in Aus, I’d stick with the Manolo & go with jeans – almost always bootcut, very very occasional a narrow flare that’s tapered correctly – and always make certain that the jeans are LONG. Short pants & cowboy boots are very very BAD.

    Enjoy ’em – they’re gorgeous!

  3. Fausta Says:

    Lucchese’s are also very sturdy, and incredibly comfortable. I bought a pair last year, wore them in good weather, rain, snow, and mud, and they are good as new. I highly recommend them.

  4. e Says:

    Even better than Luccheses are bespoke boots:

    I have two pair. They are PERFECT, made exactly to fit my feet. I really recommend this place.

    One caveat: Super fantastic custom boots come at super FANTASTIC prices.

    Bon chance

  5. La BellaDonna Says:

    La BellaDonna, while she worships the Manolo, would most respectfully but most emphatically disagree in this instance – the cowboy boots may certainly be worn with the skirt, and not only the long and narrow skirt, but the long and A-line, and even the long and full skirt. The Kourtney, she is most correct – the short skirt and the cowboy boot, Aaaaaiiiee! – but of the course, if you are the waitress in the Texas saloon, it may increase your tips. The secret is, the bottom of the skirt, it should comfortably cover the top of the boot.*

    The cowboy boot, it is the style perennial, and supercedes the ephemeral fashion.

    The Anne, she has the lovely boots, and she should wear them for many years in comfort, health, and beauty.

    *This is the true Skirt and Boot Secret, whether the boot it is pointed, round-toed, flat, high-heeled, tall or short. When the skirt it does not cover the top of the boot, it may have its moments in the fashion limelight, especially with the tights, but it will look very funny to small children ten of the years from the date it was fashionable.

  6. Christina Says:

    I would just like to reiterate: NEVER wear your jeans tucked into your boots. While I am not a native Texan, I’m sure there are those reading who will back me up on this.

  7. Victor Says:

    Anne, my heartiest congratulations! They’re gorgeous!

    If you don’t mind a piece of advice, may I suggest you speak with a good cobbler for hints and tips on the proper care of your boots?

  8. gidget bananas Says:

    The Gidget is fond of the Laura San Giacomo short skirt and boots look in the super fantastic film “sex, lies and videotape.” The red-hot Laura did indeed play the bar maid, but even bar maids can be superfantastic, no?

  9. Lizzie Says:

    Christina is correct–the real Texans (and I am one) do not tuck the jeans into the boots. Only fake Texans do this, thereby making themselves easy targets for public ridicule.

  10. sfmike Says:

    Festive goat ropings? Now that’s a sight I want to see, preferably with short skirts and fabulous boots.

  11. Susanna Says:

    The Lucchese boots in the photo Manolo shows are the more pointy “roach-killer” type which are slightly different from the “kickers” of Anne Down Under.

    Anne’s newly-acquired boots are less pointy and more rounded. Congratulations, Anne! You absolutely cannot go wrong with Lucchese! And using the terms “roach-killer” and “kicker” will gain you access to the inner circles of the boot cognoscenti.

    Fear not, however, Anne, it is possible that the roaches or other vermin are very large in parts of Sydney and you can use them accordingly. I came across some two-legged creatures worthy of a swift kick in Bondi once upon a time.

  12. willowgerl Says:

    Festive Goat Ropings?!? Bwahahahahahahahaaha!

    Anne, those are gorgeous boots. Enjoy!

  13. dkella Says:

    I just typed in “Manolo the shoeblogger” into Google and “Manolo the shot logger”

  14. Bunny With a Whip Says:

    As i AM a native Texan, Madam Christina, and I must also–MOST EMPHATICALLY_- state that the jeans IN boots look belongs in the Gallery of Horrors

  15. Rosie 2041 Says:

    Hola to my friend Anne, lovely boots for the new dual citizen !!

  16. Anne Says:

    Thank you to the Manolo, and all you Super-Fantastic commenters, for all the insights and helpful hints. I shall wear my Boots of the Cowboy in confidence now.

  17. toad Says:

    Pants outside of the cowboy boots, not just a Texan thing but in the other Western and Southwestern US states.
    A long divided skirt (coullote?) would be acceptable to the old timers. Rule of thumb, could you get on a horse and not chafe yourself raw or get scracthed up by the brush? This is even if you are a 100 miles from the nearest horse.
    Care of boots, clean with rag and water. Use shoe wax and brush. Avoid use of petroleum derived products as they can soften up the leather too much. Flooded boots, stuff repeatedly with crumpled newspapers or warm (not hot) up some pea gravel and fill up the boots.
    The boots that the most intelligent Anne have purchased have the riding heel as opposed to the straight backed walking heel. For the riding and the look the riding heel is best.

  18. furlagirl Says:

    Here in London, skinny jeans are the order of the day.* It is very much de nos jours to wear skinny jeans tucked into boots, but on the sole instance in which I saw this done with cowboy boots, they looked Dead Wrong.

    *The clue about who should wear them is right there in the name. I am sticking to my bootcuts.

  19. Mike Says:

    The only reason to ever wear jeans tucked into one’s boots is to perform an unnatural act upon some sheep (it is a very old joke). The hapless creature’s feet are (allegedly) tucked into the boots along with the jeans to help prevent escape.

  20. La BellaDonna Says:

    La BellaDonna, she has the question for the superfantastic readers of the Manolo. La BellaDonna, she does not wear the jeans very often; in fact, she purchased them for riding on the back of the superfantastic Goldwing. La BellaDonna’s approach to motorcycles can best be described as cautious (like the bird that crosses the road), and she is tempted, for the sake of safety, to tuck her jeans inside her Botteros so they do not flap or otherwise engage with pieces of machinery. Is this something that La BellaDonna should avoid? Please to bear in mind that La BellaDonna, she is the big scaredy-cat about the motorcycles, so it is already the brave thing that she does, getting on, without worrying about the safety; La BellaDonna would never consider tucking otherwise.

  21. Pam Says:

    Anne, I love these boots. I’ve never been much of a cowboy boot fan, but I may start looking for a pair like yours on my own.

  22. jj Says:

    The pant tucked into the boot is only appropriate for the english riding boot, not for american vernacular boots such as cowboy or motorcycle boots. The boot cut jean worn over the boot is best.

    And to La Bella Donna, first of all, you are safe on the gold wing. It’s larger than a civic and has a reverse gear for lord’s sake. It is probably the safest motorcycle you could climb onto the back of. However, I would not wear a wide leg jean on a bike. If nothing else, the flapping is uncomfortable. You needn’t tuck your jeans into the boots, but go with a very modest boot cut or tapered jean that fits reasonably closely over the boot. If you’re exceptionally concerned about safety, you may want to consider kevlar lined jeans. And of course, always wear a helmet!

    I’m not a rider myself (too klutzy) but my grandpa (in his 80’s) and husband ride.

  23. Kourtney Says:

    LaBella Donna – I am so sorry, my sweet, I simply cannot endorse tucking jeans into cowboy boots. Ever. For any reason. HOWEVER – it can look pretty fierce* if they are a bootcut or skinny jean, & tucked into, say, a “work” boot. For example, a Frye engineer boot – link below. Perhaps not black, to avoid the sterotypical “biker mama” or “goth” look – but the caramel color is delicious, and the shoe sufficiently rugged that you can conquer ANTYHING!, especially the cycles of the motor.
    *The heaviness of the boot will need something other than the light summer blouse. But of course, being safety conscious, I know that you will be wearing a very heavy leather jacket & helmet as well.

  24. e Says:


    It is sartorially regrettable, but for safety’s sake, you should consider tucking your jeans into your boots when on the bike. The excess of flapping fabric on boot cut jeans is, in fact, hazardous. I’ve experienced this myself, wearing bootcuts on my own bike. I decided to tuck, as dorky and alive is preferable to hot and dead. I’d like to warn you away from cowboy boots on bikes entirely, because the leather soles offer no traction, which is a safety nightmare. It might be a good idea to consider rubber halfsoles on your cowboy boots if you insist on wearing them on the bike. A style compromise: you could go with the old straight-leg/giant cuff jeans-with-cowboy-boots-combo and cultivate the ’50s vintage cowboy look, which is what I do with my cowboy boots. Then you’d look cool, and be much safer. I just gave up and bought Daytonas for when I ride. Bon chance.

  25. Jennifer Says:

    As a horsewoman for for over 30 years, you must never tuck your jeans into the boots of the cowboy. I myself ride the “english” style… the dressage and the jumpers… with this kind of riding you wear very tight boots with tops that come mid-knee cap and you must wear the proper breeches… the seem of the denim is most uncomfortable while on horseback.

  26. steelheader Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Manolo…

    You have touched me so close to the heart. My beloved mother passed in the January of 05 and left my wife the magnificent Lucchese. Maggie was a Daughter of the San Antonio as is my Father.

    Whenever the Presidents of the United Greatest States ever visit the San Antonio, the Mayor always gifts him with the custom Lucchese- just ask Henry Cisneros.

  27. Bucky Says:

    I recall a certain most handsome, young, South Texas cowboy who always wore his jeans tucked into his boots on the interior side and out on the exterior.

    Things always look better on a boy’s first crush, but still: done right — with jeans cut to the right length and the perfect level of cockiness — this can work and work well.

    [I haven’t thought of Joe Frank in years. Sigh.]

  28. La BellaDonna Says:

    La BellaDonna, she thanks all the readers for their kind replies and advices. She should have explained that the boots that she wears, the boots of the Bottero, they are not the cowboy boots, they are the sturdy heavy leather black boots, the Italian offspring of the English riding boots and the the boots of the engineer. She will wear her jeans safely tucked while riding; she can, of the course, untuck them once off the bike. And she most certainly wears the helmet and the heavy leather jacket when she rides! She does in fact look like the goth motorcyle mama in her outfit, but accepts this, as this look, it is also the classic in its own way.

  29. Schmodee Says:

    This whole exchange about the boots of cowboy has made this daughter of a cowboy transplanted, to Los Angeles, laugh very hard. I now have two paris of Luccheses and agree that tucked into pants looks may prompt a call from the fashion police.

  30. Jeff Bona Says:

    Hi, I have the comments here regarding jeans tucked into cowboy boots. I myself am not a cowboy but 11 years ago I decided to take on the style of wearing cowboy boots. One reason was the large selection of boots available, the many colors and patterns , each pair is unique. I decided early on not to hide my boots and always wear the my jeans tucked inside my boots. This is the stlye I wear everyday where ever I go. I am 48 and live and own a body shop business in NJ. No one seems to mind my western style. I think most need to follow the “style” but some can do just fine with our own style :)

  31. Warren O'Leary Says:

    Jeff Bona; right on ! Do Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and The Lone Ranger proud ! Fashion freedom for men in menswear. Why do women have more fashion freedom in menswer as transvestites then we do as men ? Something is ” odd ” here and its the not the heterosexual male.

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