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The Next Carnivale of the Couture | Manolo's Shoe Blog

The Next Carnivale of the Couture

Manolo says, the next Carnivale of the Couture it will be held at the very amusing Sense of Soot.

The Topic is Torturous Fashion, and not the kind you tried, hated, and discarded. Oh no, we’re going deeper into the dark corners than that, my dumplings. There is something you have owned, a style you have loved with a masochism unparalleled. We’d adore a picture of the wicked object of your agonized affection, but you must at least confess what fashion item hurt you, and why you continued wearing it in your twisted triumph and shame.

Excellent topic!

2 Responses to “The Next Carnivale of the Couture”

  1. Almost Girl April 27, 2006 at 11:51 am #

    Why this very much sounds like a Coutorture sort of project!

    Hmmmm, perhaps everyone in the fashion blogosphere is feeling torture in fashion these days!


  2. noelle April 27, 2006 at 8:16 pm #

    Back in the 80’s, I had a pair of black jeans that actually stopped my digestion. So painful, I thought my innards might give up on me. Boy, they were slimming, though.