Manolo on the Road

Manolo says, as the many internet friends of the Manolo may have noticed, little has been posted this week here at the Manolo’s humble shoe blog. This it is because the Manolo has been most busy this week.

Sadly, he is about to become much busier, as the Manolo will this day make his annual trip to Malibu, where for the next few months he will be firmly lodged in his summer residence along the coast.

This time, it is for the Manolo one of the most delightful seasons of the year, when the Manolo can put behind him the demanding schedule of the flanneur and become the simple beachcomber.

However, you are not to worry, as the Manolo will, by the first part of the next week, be back in this space, sharing with his many internet friends his meagre japes and his love for the shoes of super fantasticness.