The Manolo Finds

Manolo says, look! Manolo at the She Finds The Manolo has given written about his shoe picks of the springtime for his friends at the She Finds. Here is the sample…

Occasionally the red veil of madness descends upon the Manolo, and he becomes terribly obsessed with the particular type or style of the shoe. These obsessions of the Manolo they are usually the good indication that the items of obsession are of the moment, and that the super fantastic girl can wear them with abandon. Such is the current case, in which the Manolo has gone mad for the wedges. Wedges, Wedges, Wedges. Everywhere are the wedges. The Manolo he has even begun to think highly of the much and rightly maligned espadrille wedge.

You must go read these pronouncements in their entirity, as not does the Manolo recommend shoes such as this beautiful gladiator sandal, but you must also go so that you will learn about the wonderfulness that is the She Finds.